How custom shipping boxes wholesale help to save a big amount?

How custom shipping boxes wholesale help to save a big amount?

2019-12-12 09:53:50

Have you just started e-commerce and worried about the hidden big cost of shipping?? Unless you are using custom shipping boxes wholesale, you are in big trouble. If you opt for a standard solution, you have to pay a pretty good amount for the boxes and also for additional inner packaging to ensure the product's safety.

Custom packaging boxes with logo are just more than a container to ship your product. If you design the box creatively, it can excite customers about the shipment and what is inside the box. With a little extra effort, you can make their unboxing experience share-worthy.

You will get the correct size

Most of the brands or retailers use bigger boxes for shipment and delivery process. The drawback is that you have to fill the void space with inner packaging stuff. It provides the needed cushioning but it is not the right solution. With the use of custom packaging, you can have the perfect sized box as it comes in all sizes and shapes. You don't have to pay for the extra material and wasted space.

It protects against unseen disasters

One way in which custom packaging saves your money is by reducing the risk of the damaged product. A big box has extra space which allows the product to bang around unless you use stuff like peanut foam. It means a bad shipping experience for customers.

Custom boxes not only have perfect size but also keep the product protected from other factors. Custom packaging containers are of high-quality plus durable material. It keeps the product from heat, cold and moisture. You will confident about your shipment with custom boxes.

It results in safe delivery and happy customers

Research shows that three out of six customers are unsatisfied with their shipment. There is not the only risk of the damaged product but a torn out box also leaves a negative impact on customers. If it happens with your customers, there is more chance that they will not buy any product from you again. When preparing the shipment, look out for options which allow for safe delivery of the product and the box.

What is the cost of not using custom shipping boxes?

Shipping cost not only depends on the product weight alone but now it also includes the package volume. It means if you use a box larger than the product’s need, you have to pay a premium amount for the void space. Moreover, you don't have to pay for the extra weight but also the large box has more material which ultimately means more cost.

Not using a custom box for shipping can also result in damaged products and bad shipment experience. It will result in returns; a big loss for your brand.  The standard custom boxes are slight overweight which also adds to the shipment cost. But again custom boxes are the solution. The material is light in weight and also provides easy handling.

Custom packaging pro can help you to design shipping boxes which fit according to your and product needs. We provide our clients with a lot of option regarding custom cosmetic packaging boxes, soap boxes, custom bath bomb boxes and for other items as well. Unpack your creativity with us.

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