How custom packaging does contribute to brand success?

How custom packaging does contribute to brand success?

2019-12-13 09:48:56

Brands usually think that it’s the product that matters and if you have the same thoughts, you might see a big failure in the future. Custom packaging has its own role and can make or break your business. New brands usually fail to make their name in the market. The main reason is that customers don’t have enough time to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Product packaging is a customer's shortcut to buy the product.

Nowadays, everything is customized. From a simple wedding card to the smartphone we use, customers demand customization in every field. The same goes for the packaging. In the retail market, customers are done with plain and dull packaging. They prefer custom boxes over simple cardboard boxes. Brands should thoroughly study the desires of the market and customers to stand out.

Packaging boxes not only differentiates you but it tells customers who you are and what you do. Many famous brands are known just for their custom boxes and packaging. If you ever get a chance to see an unboxing experience, you will get to know how much customers love the personalized packaging. Packaging boxes wholesale have an impact on the product's sales and the company's overall appeal.

Product packaging plays many roles for a brand and here is how it can make your brand successful

It differentiates you from the crowd

Hundreds of products on the shelves are waiting for customer attention. One-third times the decision of customers solely depends on the packaging of the product. So, to be successful in the market, your product packaging boxes should stand out on the shelves. Customers will surely attract towards the unique packaging and most probably will buy it.

Custom boxes and packaging help you to differentiate yourself from the crowd. A unique design, a logo and brand tagline is enough to set your product apart. But packaging is more than just a box. You can use custom stickers, stamps and ribbons to make your box more attractive.

Packaging impacts customer purchase behavior

Color psychology plays an important role in the customer's purchase decision. Our brain reacts in a different way to different colors. Choose your packaging box color wisely. Don’t use too bright or bold colors. These colors are not pleasing to the eyes.  Soft and natural colors always work for the packaging. Also, don’t use more than two or three colors; it will only make your design messy.

It is important to know your customers and product requirements before deciding the packaging color. If you are using cosmetic, soft and white colors will work. If you are selling kids products, colors like blue and red will attract them.

Creates brand recognition

Building your own identity will help you to make the brand successful. Famous and known brands get more sales as compared to new and small business. Most of the brands are memorable just because of their packaging. Recall your favorite brands and you will know they have impressive packaging. It helps them to create a unique identity in the market.

Once you are successful in building brand recognition, the next step is to maintain it. You can make minor changes with time but stay true to your original design. Brands that opt for major changes like logo and colors have faced a major backlash from the customers.

Provide safety and security

The main purpose of the packaging is to provide protection. If it doesn’t serve the main purpose, then it is a big failure. Delivering products in torn and unassembled boxes will only disappoint customers and decrease their loyalty.  It will also damage your image and you can lose a major customer base.

Packaging boxes are made of reliable and sturdy material. Cardboard and corrugated boxes come with an extra layer of protection. These boxes keep the product from heat and other environmental factors. It ensures the safe delivery of products to end customers. Providing intact products to customers will increase their loyalty towards your brand. It is an easy way to increase sales.

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