How custom mascara boxes affect buying decision?

How custom mascara boxes affect buying decision?

2019-12-12 05:40:21

Packaging is the first encounter of customers with the product. It increases customer’s curiosity in a particular product which further leads to physical examination of the box. Custom packaging pays a great role in driving customer’s attention and interest. When we talk about the high-end cosmetic market, an appealing packaging is crucial to get customers. A research shows that almost one third of the customer’s base depends on packaging to make the final decision. Like Kraft boxes wholesale impress environment conscious customers, an attractive box attracts those who admire outer beauty.

All cosmetic products need custom packaging boxes but product like mascara needs special attention. Mascara holds a special place in a women makeup bag. It makes our eyes look bigger by making eyelashes prominent. That’s why the demand of mascara has increased and brands are working to improve the quality of the product. But a high quality product can work alone to impress customers? Definitely a big NO! You need a high-quality product as well as a high-quality packaging to influence customer’s purchase behavior.

If you still think you can survive in the crowded cosmetic market without custom mascara packaging, here are some points to convince you how packaging greatly affect customer’s behavior.

An eye-catching design will work

A unique design of mascara boxes can catch customer’s attention instantly. It will induce customers to make the final decision.  Customization can make a big difference for our packaging and help it to stand out. The standard cardboard boxes will not work anymore. In today modern world, it is crucial to bring uniqueness and style in your cosmetic packaging to draw customers.

A logo is must

Nobody will give an eye to the product which is without any identity. The logo is the identity of your brand. It will make customer’s believe that they are buying from a reputed company. Mascara boxes with log and brand tagline can help you to increase customer’s following. A branded packaging is must to build a log-lasting relationship with customers.

Consider customer’s lifestyle

It will be great if you consider your ideal customers to design mascara packaging. The changing trends of the today’s world have also transformed customer’s choices and preference. You can go with the latest trends to impress customers. Trending packaging boxes are a successful tool to lure more customers.

Durable packaging drive customers

What is the purpose of an attractive packaging, if you get a broken product out of it? For the safety of your products, you need a durable and secure packaging. It ensures the safe delivery of the product to end-customers. Mascara is a fragile item which usually comes in plastic and glass tubes. If you fail to protect the product, you can lose major customer’s purchase.

Color psychology always work

Color has great influence on customer’s mind. Color can trigger emotions and can induce to make the purchase decision. The perfect balance of color in the design can impact in a positive way. Mascara comes in different colors so you can color the boxes according to it. Black and white colors are mostly preferable for mascara packaging.

Typography should be legible

Once the customer’s has picked the product due to its impressive packaging, next he will examine the box and read the information. What if he text is too small or of the same color as box color? It will disappoint customers and they will move to other brand’s product. Work on your font style and make your text legible to read. Mascara packaging doesn’t require much information to put on. You can go with brand detail, product name, and barcode and expiration date.

Eye-catching custom mascara boxes play a big part in driving customers and sales.  You need to work on your product and its packaging. If you are looking for packaging experts to design unique mascara packaging, you can trust custom packaging pro. Our work will enhance your brand’s reputation and allow you to generate more revenues.

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