How custom Kraft boxes are good for environment?

How custom Kraft boxes are good for environment?

2019-12-12 05:33:00

In this age where everyone is becoming conscious of the harmful impacts on the environment, companies and brands are looking for different ways to be green. It is of no doubt that different products and their packaging have some sort of contribution towards polluting the earth. So, the question arises is if there is any material which has zero harmful impact and fully recyclable?? The answer to your tough question is the Kraft paper. Custom Kraft boxes are the most used packaging for a variety of products.

The packaging is responsible for one-third of environmental waste. That's why customers are arising with serious questions of whether brands are making serious efforts towards green packaging or not. Using green packaging will not only benefit the environment but also provide numerous advantages to the brands. Kraft is fully recyclable and reusable packaging material. You can get the material easily and is also cost-effective. Kraft packaging benefits the environment in many ways. Let's have a look at some of them.

Kraft paper is recyclable

Kraft boxes are usually manufactured without any dye, bleaches, and chemicals. That's why these boxes are 100 percent recyclable and leave zero carbon prints. Once the box has lived its full life, you can recycle the packaging material for the manufacturing of new boxes. You don't need to harvest new trees for new boxes. It also requires fewer resources for the manufacturing process.

You can reuse the boxes

One of the biggest advantages of Kraft packaging is that you can reuse it again and again. Customers can reprocess the box for storage purposes. The material of the boxes is durable so customers can use it for a longer period. Brands can encourage customers to put the boxes in recycle bin. It will allow companies to reuse the material of the boxes.

Kraft is renewable

You can categorize the Kraft paper into two types: the raw and the recycled.  Raw one comes from the wood pulp whereas the recycled one comes from the recycled pulp. Kraft is a material which is frequently and easily renewed. Most of the Kraft paper is mostly generated from the consumer's used content. The material is also naturally biodegradable.

Provide unlimited uses

Apart from the environmental benefits, Kraft boxes serve unlimited purposes to different industries. To build a positive image, brands are switching from old cardboard boxes to the Kraft packaging. You can use it for almost all products due to its versatility and diversity. Kraft paper has high-quality and is perfect for customization. You can personalize the brown Kraft according to your needs.

Produce less waste

Packaging setup and overall manufacturing process of Kraft packaging are simple. It is cost-efficient and doesn't require much energy. The clearest benefit of the Kraft is that it produces less energy waste.  You don't require heavy machinery setup and chemical process. Also, Kraft boxes are light in weight which decreases shipping cost plus saves your fuel.

No harmful plastic

All type of packaging material has some sort of plastic and thus impact the environment in the wrong way. Using plastic will not litter the environment but also harm the health of living beings. Also, the manufacturing process of plastic requires a large amount of energy. By using Kraft packaging, you can overcome the issue easily.

Provide easy disposal

Kraft paper not only benefits the environment while in use but also have a positive impact one it has lived its life.  Kraft doesn’t only offer recyclability but also provide easy disposal. If your boxes are disposal, you can mention that on the boxes. It will allow customers to decompose the packaging on their own.

Kraft boxes provide many opportunities to save the environment as candle boxes with window provide sale opportunities. If you want to improve your brand image and in the need for eco-friendly packaging, custom packaging pro can help you to be more sustainable.

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