High Quality Printed Cigarette Boxes 2021

High Quality Printed Cigarette Boxes 2021

2021-02-12 10:02:40

With all the enforcements of law, and the new policies devised about packaging for cigarettes has confused several cigarette companies. It has become harder to package cigarettes without breaking the law. The outlook of cigarette packs, doesn’t matter as much. Regardless of whether you’re using printed packs, or if you’re using plain packs, smokers are still going to purchase your product because of the addicting nature of cigarettes.

Right Intent for Buying Printed Cigarette Boxes

If you’re a newcomer to the world of cigarettes, and don’t know much about packaging of cigarettes then we’re here to help you! There are several factors that play an important role in designing the right packs for your cigarettes. Let’s take a look at the type of cigarette packs, how many cigarettes can be packed in one pack, and the design or material of these boxes. This will give you a clearer idea of what type of printed Cigarette Boxes should you use for your cigarettes, and how to design attractive ones. So let’s get started!

The Size of the Pack

Cigarettes are packed in various sizes of boxes. The size depends on how many cigarettes you’re allowed to pack in one box. Governments regulate and impose strict laws on the size of the packs. They usually set a minimum pack size which cannot be exceeded. Take the example of Australia where the most common pack size consists of 25 cigarettes. The minimum number set by the government is 20. Hence you’re also going to find various other sizes consisting of 30 or even 50 cigarettes.

The Design and Layout

The main appeal of the pack of a product is its design. On most cigarette packs you’re going to find health warnings depicted using either text, or photographs, or sometimes even both.

The Types of Cigarette Packs

There are two main types of cigarette packs:

  1. Hard pack
  2. Soft pack

Both these types of packs depend on the material the container is made from. Mostly you’re going to find cigarettes in soft packs. But you’ll also see some packed in hard packs. The main difference between the two comes from the material/. Soft packs are made from bendable materials such as cardboard. On the other hand, a hard pack is made from more rigid materials such as paperboard, etc.

Printed Cigar Boxes for Competitive Edge

The key to choosing the right material is to select something that helps keep your product protected. You wouldn’t want any harm to come to something as delicate as cigarettes just because the container wasn’t designed properly. If you think about cigar packs, they’re also made from harder materials such as paperboard. This is popular because they can be customised and printed. Printed Cigar Boxes help attract customers but so do vintage wooden containers, or packs made out of bamboo.

Cigarette packs are categorised into two further categories: primary and secondary packaging.

Primary packaging: Primary cigarette packs come in 4 different styles. They are listed below:

•    Hinge-lid pack

This type of ‘hard pack’ is very popular in Western markets to package cigarettes. It is a rigid box which helps protect your cigarettes from damage. Its popularity is on the rise in Eastern Markets too.

•    Soft cup pack

This type of cigarette pack isn’t made from rigid materials. Instead it’s a paper construction which offers less protection to what’s inside it. Those looking for something cheap to pack their cigarettes in should go for the soft cup packs.

•    Shell and slide

This type of pack is quite similar to the hinge-lid pack. The only disadvantage is, it doesn’t allow you to access cigarettes easily.

•    Clam Shell pack

The clam shell pack is very popular in Russia. It is well known for its stiffness, and it is characterized by its unique opening style, just like a tin of cigarettes.

Secondary Packaging: the primary pack is an individual pack of cigarettes which is sold to the customer. However, a secondary pack, which is produced after the production of the primary pack, is one which goes to the retailer. This pack is further broken down into cartons. For duty free sales, this type of packaging is ideal.

Wrapping and Collation

Once the pack of cigarettes has been designed initially, the company’s now have to make a decision about the ‘finishing’ of the pack. These individual cigarette packs can be collated and wrapped in either clear film, or printed film, depending on what you think is most suitable. Other options include collation and wrapping in paper, or collated and box.

What is Tertiary Packing?

Tertiary packing covers how the cigarettes are going to be packed to be sold to warehouses. These are basically distribution packs which hold a large number of cigarettes for example 3000, 5000, or sometimes even 10000 cigarettes. Just like primary and secondary packaging, this too comes in various styles. For example, it can be a fluted cardboard which is packed on a case packing machine. It could even be polyethylene wrapped on a stretch bander or shrink wrapper. The fluted cardboard pack provides strength to the packs, by providing them support of a rigid container. On the other hand, the poly-ethane wrapper, is cheaper, which takes up smaller palletising, distribution and warehouse space.

Making Printed Pre Roll Boxes in Counter Top Design

Regardless of what design you chose for your cigarette packs, it all comes down to the outlook and appeal of the container which ultimately attracts customers. For instance, printed Pre Roll Boxes are going to attract more customers compared to something plain. Plus you shouldn’t worry about the law regarding cigarettes. This is because, regardless of what the government says, smokers aren’t going to quit smoking because it’s a habit-forming product. Its addictive nature is going to attract more customers. Plus, attractive packaging is going to further help you in capturing customers’ attention. A great way to build brand loyalty is by using boxes with your logo printed on them. If customers like your product, the logo is going to help them remember your brand, and come back for more.

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