Give Candle Boxes a Creative Touch through Customization

Give Candle Boxes a Creative Touch through Customization

2020-07-28 07:44:41

Have you had a candle light dinner with your significant other lately, or perhaps set up a few candles at home to simply set the mood and calm yourself down? Back in time, before the advent of Electricity, wax candles were mainly used alongside oil lamps for lighting purposes, now we have come far from that. Candles are suddenly a component of aesthetic value. They have also taken over air fresheners with the sweet auras that they produce upon burning. Lavender and chamomile scents are the most popularly used for relaxation. Undoubtedly the discovery of the usefulness of candles brought extra attention to not just the composition of candles but also the packaging of the material. When it comes to candles, one of the basic functionalities is to bring out the aesthetics of any room that they are put in.  Companies are now giving extra attention to the right kinds of Candle Boxes that will emphasize the essential function of the candles.

Because let’s be real, when it comes to candles you probably will judge the book by its cover. Why is that? Well because candles are a popular gift along with being a decorative item and a very good source of atmosphere uplift.

Here are a few things you will probably need to know if you are going to effectively brand your candles and improve sales.

Why candles need a protective box enclosure

Packaging for different candles is different depending on their structure and shape, for example taper candles need little to no packaging due to their pencil size, whereas decorative candles are often packaged with beautify glass containers as well as being laminated. Ribbons are a popular packaging material for pillar, aromatherapy and decorative candles. Whereas votive or tealight candles are mostly packaged in plastic or foil containers to hold the wax.

Types of cardstock used for packaging of candles

Kraft Material:

Kraft box is a great material for candle containers mainly because it is biodegradable and very eco-friendly. Moreover, the lightweight material is sturdy and will probably keep your candle from dents.

Card Stock Containers:

Card Stock Box is particularly useful because it is easy on the graphical printing process for brand packaging purposes. The neat look of this lightweight material perfectly complements the appealing design or any candles; they are mainly used for containing tealight candles and votive candles but can be used for any type of candle.

Corrugated stock:

This Kind of container is perfect for wholesale candles, they give a rigid covering with their linerboards and flutes which is why they are the most suitable kinds of containers for international shipments and delivery purposes.

Rigid Candle Containers:

Rigid Candle containers are one of a kind and probably the most elegant looking candle covering materials for containers. They are also suitable for shipments and delivery purposes in case you would want to send your long-distance friend a gift.

Catchy graphics and themes

Graphic designs make a candle covering look so much better; this graphic design could be your brand logo or perhaps a special graphic design designated to that particular product; this will also help with better branding of your product.

You can use an array of techniques to imprint this graphic design on your particular product. You may use foiling, UV light method, emboss and debossing technique and less popular yet unique technique would be to use removable stickers.

However, these techniques too, depend on the material of your particular container. If the material gets in the way of your graphics then you will probably be left with a poor-quality container material.

Bright color schemes

If graphing is not what you are looking for then perhaps you can go for the oldest trick in the book, use attractive and bright colors to attract attention. The Cyan, Yellow, magenta and black colors can be intermixed to formulate any attractive enough color that will probably not interfere with the texts or pixels. If you are looking for a more luxury design for your gift box then the pantone model is ideal since it gives a more attractive look.

Finishing and coating options

Lastly, we come to the coating of your candle container. When customizing your product, it is important not to underestimate the coating. There are three main types of coatings you can opt for when designing your particular candle container:

Glass coating:

This kind of coating gives the most reflective appearance, adding a certain elegance and authenticity to your product. The shiny appearance will probably catch more eyes and at the end of the day will guarantee greater sales.

Matte Coating:

This type of coating gives a more cardboard feel to customers which give most customers more of a luxurious feel than the traditional glass lamination. You can opt for either soft-touch matte finish or scuff-proof matte finish for your particular product.

These tips and tricks can make your candles stand out from the rest in the market. The tips mentioned above can also be applied to a number of different products for example Cosmetic Boxes. With these designs, it is very easy to use candles for gift giving at events because it makes a wonderful box that is worth to look at. Gift recipient would love the gift and appreciate your choice.

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