Get Retail Packaging Ideas from Luxury Goods Packaging Exhibition 2020

Get Retail Packaging Ideas from Luxury Goods Packaging Exhibition 2020

2020-07-20 10:34:41

The presentation of luxury items matters a lot and to understand the real meaning of opulence you must attend luxury goods packaging exhibition which is going to held on September 15th, 2020. Due to the Covid-19, the event is rescheduled from July to September and many businessmen that own a product based business are looking forward to see the amazing packaging show that can provide new ideas of wrapping their retail items. Reason behind this is that they understand the value of Retail Packaging and look to upgrade it to take their small business to new heights of success. Upgrading product packaging is the best idea to keep the boxes in fresh look so customers would not get bored in buying their product having similar packaging. Also, it makes a good reputation of the brand and you can claim the high quality of product when it is packed in a neat and clean box.

Who can get benefit from this event?

Apart from the retail boxes, you can also see the amazing ideas about gift boxes in the exhibition which will help you in making a decorative presentation of your products. It is helpful to customize boxes in various styles shapes and designs because you there are various brands available in a single place that come up with different ideas for product packaging. Whether you run a cosmetic business, food, electronics or a retail business owner the exciting designs of boxes will worth spending your time in. You would be able to set new goals for your business that will help in taking steps on the stair of success. Plus, you would be able to see what kind of luxury items are there in the market and how are they packaged. This idea will open the ways for you to present your ordinary retail items in an attractive manner in front of the customers. Some of the luxury items and their box packaging that we see in the retail market are discusses below.

Rigid gold foiled boxes for multiple products

Gold foiling is one of the amazing finishing options you can have during the customization of your retail boxes. Especially for the products like wallets, watches and belts, gold foiling is a brilliant option to do on the box outline. It can be done on the printed text or at any design you print on the boxes which look classy and make the outlook glamorous. You can use gold foiling on the lid of two piece boxes, on cardboard sleeves and on the perfumes packaging as well. The best thing about gold foil boxes is that you can use them on gift boxes to make sparkling presentation of your gift items. It will grab attention of customer at retail if you display the product packed in gold foil boxes. They are perfect to highlight the presence of the retail items and can also be customized according to your choice.

Two piece boxes for apparel items

Small and large clothing items are used for gift giving in the events like birthdays, Christmas and Easter and people love to gift them to their friends and family members. These gift boxes are made in two piece styles for shirts, skirts and trousers that have lid on the top which is printed with text and multiple designs. Also the promotion of the brand can be done through these boxes because they have a large structure that capture the attention of the customers. The addition of spot UV on the text and aqueous coating on the whole box can make it shiny. Plus, you can add embellishing options like ribbons and laces to augment the product charm.

Gable boxes for gifts and treats

Business gifts are given on annual events in many organizations that needs are good packaging. It should give a luxurious touch so that it could reflect a good image of the company. For this, gable boxes are decorated with embellishing add-ons and finishing that makes a simple wrist watch or a pen look luxury. This is the beauty of gable boxes that it can turn an ordinary product to a special one. Plus the addition of handle on the top of box can multiply the appeal of gift and provide ease of carrying. Also, the addition of die cut window on the boxes can add to the beauty of box and help in making them extraordinary. For edibles, these boxes can also provide the protection and safety they require, plus they can be decorated to give a stylish outlook.

Boxes with magnetic closure and custom inserts

Some boxes are so luxury that they have a magnetic attached on their opening and closing flaps. They give an amazing un-boxing experience when user opens the lid of the box. Plus they are added with custom inserts that are made to the exact size of the product that is to be placed inside. The cavity inside the foam insert look highly appealing and increases the worth of the item inside. These boxes can be used for business gifts, cigars and for other luxury items that are expensive. Cardboard Boxes with magnetic closure are made with tear-resistant material which offer high resistivity during shipping as well. Hence, if a business want to send gifts in luxury retail boxes they can use this design to get appreciation from customers. They can also be customized in rigid stock for a more expensive item.

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