Food Packaging & the Role of Kraft Boxes

Food Packaging & the Role of Kraft Boxes

2020-06-23 12:57:38

Packaging boxes are a must have for food & beverage industry because all the products are small and cheap so a very expensive plastic packaging cannot be used. There are three states in which food items are sold, frozen food, retail food and cooked food. For all three types of edibles, cardboard and Kraft boxes are used because no other material is suitable as edibles are in direct contact with them.  Also, cardboard boxes are printing friendly and it’s very necessary for the food boxes to be printed with logo, company slogans and ingredients of the food. Hence the boxes can tick all the boxes of the manufacturers needs for food packaging.

Cardboard boxes for frozen food

Frozen food has huge demand in the United States and all over the world. Thousands of companies are chipping in the business of making frozen food and sell them by displaying on the refrigerators. Due to this, there is always need of printed Kraft and cardboard boxes for the packaging of frozen snacks, cheese balls, broccoli and hundreds of other products. As the frozen food is kept inside the freezers that has very low temperature, the quality of the cardboard must be very good to bear that cold. It must not lose its shape and should stay attractive and fresh for a longer period of time.

A number of fast food companies pack their nuggets, burger patties and frozen wings in flexible packaging before enclosing them in the cardboard boxes. The reason for this is to avoid the direct contact of the edibles to the surface of the box which is against the packaging standards. So, if you are manufacturer of frozen food and looking to get packaging with the right standards then you must understand and read the authorized standards of packaging.

Retail food packaging

For retail food, there are a number of products including cereals, candies, chocolate bars and nuts that are packed inside cardboard boxes and displayed in the grocery stores. Retail products are shipped from the manufacturers place to the stores and therefore they must have a sturdy cardboard which can protect the edibles from damage during the shipping and transportation. Mostly the boxes for retail boxes have sealed ends that and can be opened from both sides. Like the frozen food, the retail edibles are packed in primary packaging before enclosing them in the cardboard packaging boxes.

Retail food items are also displayed on the grocery stores through display boxes that are stylish and allow multiple items to be showcased in front of the customers. The best thing about these display boxes is that they can promote the brand. Display boxes have lid which is printed with brand logo and company name that help customers to recognize the company from which they are going to buy products. Hence the boxes creates brand identity among the customers and trigger the sales opportunity among the customers.

Takeaway food boxes

Every restaurant delivers food to their respective customers with the help of customized boxes which are special and made with a handle. The Chinese food takeaway boxes are made especially to send food items for takeaway. They have white color and printed with a special image that relates to the Chinese cultural food and have a wire handle to easily carry the box. Noodles and other cooked food can be packed in these boxes and is strong enough to send food to a long distance.

Other kind of takeaway boxes include pizza boxes that are made from the corrugated Kraft material and have hinged opening and closing style. The boxes are printed with the name of the food company and also have the ingredients of the food mentioned on the boxes. Printing the ingredients is very important on the food boxes because it makes it easy for the customers to check all the constituents a product contain and also influence their buying decision when the customer compare your product with the another.

Food to go boxes

There are some restaurants that makes snacks like fries, nuggets and popcorns. They also use special boxes that are open from the top and are made from Kraft material. These kinds of food boxes are made to carry easily while travelling and on the go. Kraft is very lightweight and that is why all the manufacturers use these boxes made from Kraft for selling their snacks. They are printed with the brand name and the picture of the food items they sell. Hence, they perfectly promote the brand and look beautiful as well.

Window boxes for food

Die cut boxes are very common but in the food industry, it is very important because they create feeling of craving for the food in the customers. Food lovers can look inside the box and choose their favorite product from the retail and from restaurants. These special die cut boxes are perfect for all kind of food items whether it is baked items, noodles, traditional food or snacks. Food manufacturers love to use them because they creates more chances of sales for them and grab the attention of the customers at the grocery stores and in the restaurants.

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