Extensive use of die cut packaging in apparel industry

Extensive use of die cut packaging in apparel industry

2020-06-30 09:03:47

People that are fashion enthusiasts never leave any chance to be the center of attraction. Whether it is their shoes, shirt, accessories or gadgets, they always want to show world their updated version. Things that they wear matters a lot for them and they are very picky regarding the selection of their apparel and wearable. This is why when the apparel product manufacturer target such people to buy their product, they emphasize on giving really good presentation to their product. This is because, they get attracted to the fanciness and glamour in the product as compared to its quality. For this purpose, they have to use die cut packaging that provides them the opportunity to build packaging with their own creativity. They use custom packaging boxes by tailoring them exactly according to their need and get maximum benefits from it.

Display apparels in cardboard packaging

Whenever we see the apparel shop, the owner display the clothes by hanging or by placing them on the table in an organized way. There is no such retail stores of apparel where the shirts, pants and socks are not showcased in the store. Hence, it is the basic necessity for an apparel brand to display their wearable in a vibrant manner to attract their customer. Custom boxes are specially designed for the purpose of display that are eye-catching, colorful and worth to look at. No matter how expensive or high quality shirts you are selling, the customized boxes can multiply the charm of your product. Plus, it will help in making your product prominent in the store and will grab customer attention immediately. The displays can be designed in peg hook style that have the hooks for hanging t-shirts and can help in trigger sales for your apparel product.

Promote brand with amazing apparel box designs

When the box is die cut using the special machine, it can get really attractive structure that you have never imagined. The beautiful shapes of pillow boxes, gable boxes, and pie boxes are the example of that. All these shapes and styles of cardboard boxes can be handy in promoting a brand and you can reach the targeted customer within no time. On the apparel stores, you can pack your new designs of shirts, socks and other garments and show them in display to get customers attention and trust over your product. With a good packaging, everyone wants to see and touch the box to see what is inside that ultimately helps in making more and more sales. Plus, the glamour and decoration in brings to the display shelf brings a whole new vibe of positivity that is very important for the seller and for the customer as well. So your promotional design for boxes is very important to make your new product famous quickly.

Amazing box styles for apparel packaging

As discussed earlier that the boxes are die cut with special machine to make unique shapes and styles of boxes. Some amazing boxes types that can be made for apparel packaging are two piece boxes, large size pillow boxes, gift boxes and cardboard sleeves for socks and under garments. All these types of box styles are made to reflect the high quality of the product and the brand. Also, if you are new in the market you have to look different to distinguish your brand. Therefore, the unique boxes styles are very important for your business. By creatively customizing your boxes, it is very easy to get the appreciation from customer and to increase sales.

Gift boxes for shirts, belts and accessories

As a new manufacturer of apparel product, you must be aware of your customers and should have an idea that your products falls in the category of gifts as well. So many people give gifts to their loved ones that include belts, shirts, swimming suits and other accessories. They will only buy that product which has a very good packaging because it matter in gifts a lot. The person who is buying gift must prefer to get those product which is nicely packed so he/she do not have to take any other wrapping for gift. So, if your packaging is tremendous there will be no need of buying any other wrapping material. The use of pillow boxes for shirts, die cut window boxes for undergarments and sleeve boxes for tie is recommended for the apparel packaging. It will help in making your products stand out and will bring every type of customer to your shop.

Material selection for apparel box

The cardboard is widely used for making high quality apparel boxes but now as the industry is growing, Kraft packaging is also being used. The reason behind this is that Kraft can be recycled and have the ability to biodegrade itself. Another reason for using Kraft material for boxes is that it has a brown color which look simple yet attractive enough to trigger sales for the manufacturer. This is why it is important to consider Kraft material along with cardboard during the manufacturing of boxes.

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