Essential key elements of perfect custom cosmetic packaging boxes

Essential key elements of perfect custom cosmetic packaging boxes

2019-12-12 10:36:59

Custom packaging plays a key role in the success of cosmetic brands. It helps customers to identify their favorite brand on the shelves. The packaging is more than just a container to hold the box. It is all about bringing the essential design elements on a single box. Custom cosmetic packaging boxes if designed correctly can exceed customer’s expectations.

When we talk about perfect packaging, a lot of things count in; how it looks, what are its design elements and how it is made of. To avoid any fails in your cosmetic boxes, you must include all the listed elements in your packaging design.

Correct size and shape

Choosing the correct size and shape for your product box is the most crucial step. One wrong move can ruin the whole design. The dimensions of the box should be according to the product's dimensions. Also, choose a shape which is convenient for retailers and customers as well. In the desire to design a unique packaging, don’t go over the limit.

Brand elements

Packaging without branding seems to be lost in the crowd. Brand logo and name helps you to stand out. An appealing logo and a unique name will make customers get the product. In the cosmetic market where every brand is offering the same product, branding helps you to set your cosmetic products apart. If you don't have any logo, you should design it immediately.


Color is the most important part of packaging design. It triggers emotions and facilitates the customer's purchase decision. You can choose one solid color for the background or can play with the contrast. For cosmetic boxes, light and natural colors work well. But sometimes dark hues also add class to the packaging.  To select the best option, you have to understand color psychology.


Typography helps to deliver the brand messaging unique and effective way. A product without any type of information has no purpose. You must put product name, its benefits, a method to apply and other necessary dates. Choose a simple font and make your text legible. The text should be easy to read and understand.


A packaging box without form and function is of no use. Apart from being appealing, custom cosmetic boxes should protect the product, provide ease of use and should be reusable. If your box fulfills the above requirements, you have successfully designed a perfect package.


One of the essential features of cosmetic packaging is durability. Cosmetics are delicate items and need sturdy material for safety purposes. You should select the material according to product and customer's needs.  The packaging should keep the product from environmental factors like heat, temperature, and moisture. Also, it should ensure safe shipping.


In today's ecological world, sustainability is part of every business. No brand can take the risk of losing customers by using non-recyclable packaging. Being a cosmetic brand, you should also fulfill your responsibility towards earth and must choose eco-friendly boxes. Kraft is becoming the popular choice of brands as it is fully recyclable and reusable.

To make your name in the highly competitive cosmetic world, custom packaging is not an option anymore. So, brands should work to design lipstick boxes, foundation boxes and other cosmetic boxes effectively.

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