Ensure Sustainable Packaging with Kraft Boxes Wholesale

Ensure Sustainable Packaging with Kraft Boxes Wholesale

2021-03-01 07:17:13

Kraft has have taken over the packaging industry since their arrival a few years back. For some, they are the ultimate packing solution for their products, while for other; they're an ordinary untidy piece of cardboard that should be avoided at all costs! The reason for this is their neutrality, and dull color. Most people believe Kraft boxes to be ones which cannot be customized or styled.

Why You Need to Switch to Kraft Boxes Wholesale?

The reason why we've created this guide which includes the types, benefits, and where you can find Kraft Boxes Wholesale, is to guide you to the perfect packing material. Contrary to popular belief, Kraft material has a number of benefits, and they can be customized, sometimes even made to look more attractive compared to a typical cardstock, or paperboard container.

Reducing one's carbon footprint is one of the main goals of society today. More and more people are switching to sustainable and non-polluting practices with the intention of protecting the environment. How does this relate to Kraft? Well, Kraft is a type of material that's non-polluting. Everything from the process of producing Kraft, to discarding and then recycling it, is sustainable.

If you're using Kraft for packaging your products, there is no reason why anyone should belittle you. Little do these people know the benefits of this packaging material? Here's how using Kraft is advantageous:

1.    Kraft is 100% non-polluting

Virgin Kraft paper is initially manufactured from unbleached wood pulp, giving it its characteristic brown color. However, the Kraft paper that's more widely used by businesses is one for which 100% post-consumer recycled material is used.

This means you're benefiting the world as a whole by reducing your carbon footprint.

2.    Uncoated material which enhances its non-polluting nature

Since the production process of Kraft paper doesn't involve too much processing, the paper gives a rougher feel. Thus roughness doesn't allow the paper to be coated with any kind of laminations.

How is this benefit? A box with more coats on it is going to take longer to be recycled. Hence, since Kraft isn't coated, it simplifies the recycling process. This makes it 3co friendlier compared to other types of paper.

3.    100% recyclable means more sales

Since there are no coatings on Kraft paper, it means they're going to biodegrade easily. How does that benefit the business? Apart from making the business non-polluting, it also attracts a large number of customers. Consequently, your brand gains recognition.

Because of the increased risks of global warming and climate effects, people are more concerned with saving the environment. In light of this, introducing eco -friendly packaging for your brand is going to boost your sales by a huge degree.

Mascara Boxes Wholesale and Material Choices

The good thing about this rigid and rough packing material is that it is able to resist moisture because of its increased thickness.

The strong material is also able to withstand the pressures of handling and shipping, offering protection to what's inside.

Additionally, their right texture offers extra protection to products from scratching. This means they're best for the more delicate products, for example they're ideal to be used as Mascara Boxes Wholesale.

Can Kraft Paper Containers Be Customize?

The main feature that distinguishes Kraft cartons from other packaging materials is its brown color.

Most people prefer colorful and vibrant objects as opposed to dull ones. This is the main reason why Kraft isn't a popular choice among businesses for packaging their product  The problem is, people do not understand how one can customize Kraft containers, to make the most out of them and capture your customer's attention.

Here are a few types of Kraft containers that can be used by business to pack their products:
Kraft for counter display containers.

It's most likely to find Kraft display packs in retail stores because it allows them to display various products on counter tops, allowing customers to take a closer look at the products. Some of the products that are displayed using counter display cartons include jewelry and cosmetics.

It is easy to customize these boxes to make them appealing to customers. With simple customization such as adding logos, graphics, text, or borders can help enhance the beauty of your counter display packs.

●    Bakery containers made of Kraft

Kraft is the perfect choice for packing food items. They're commonly used for packing pizzas, cakes, pastries, and several other bakery items. The main reason for their popularity in the food industry is their durable and strong nature. Since they're rigid and strong, they offer maximum protection to the food that has been packed inside. This means your food is not only going to last longer in Kraft packs, but it's also going to remain fresh for longer.

●    Kraft containers with sliding drawers

Kraft cartons can be customized in a variety of ways, for example adding a sliding drawer can attract lots of customers. In addition to the sliding drawer, a cover can also be placed on the top. Such cartons can be used to pack a variety of products such as jewelry, cosmetics, and even bakery items.

●    Kraft containers with window

Another great way to present your product to your customers is to pack them in a Container with a window.

Stick to Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale Made From Kraft

The addition of a window can allow customers to get a glance of what's inside. If they find it appealing, they might buy your product. This could help increase sales to a great extent.

Pillow shaped packs have the most innovative and unique design. Their curved edges make them look attractive and different to customers. Combining their unique design with the environmentally friendly nature of this material, this particular design can help boost your sales From what we've mentioned above, it can be concluded that Kraft material is perfect for packaging the more delicate products such as cosmetics which are usually packed in fragile glass bottles. Therefore, do not look for other Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale.

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