Enhancing the unboxing experience with soap boxes

Enhancing the unboxing experience with soap boxes

2020-03-27 12:57:38

Enhancing the unboxing experience with soap boxes

The soap packaging has changed a lot in the last decade. Social media has a great impact on how customers perceive your product and brand depending on the packaging. One of the ways social media platforms have changed the packaging of soap boxes is the rise of unboxing videos. The unboxing matters because as soon as someone opens your product and find something appealing and boom you could get high sales. It doesn't end with opening the packaging, the importance of the unboxing has grown.

Why unboxing experience matters for your brand?

Before you start improving the unboxing experience for your customers, it is crucial to know why it matters for your brand. Many brands are not ready for this conversation because they need justification for every investment. So, here we are giving you some valid reasons to invest in the unboxing of your soap packaging.

It will make your customers feel valued

How do you feel when someone makes you feel special? We know the feeling is unexplainable and it is hard to find words for it, the same goes for your customers. The personalized unboxing experience will make customers feel that they are your priority and you work to cater to their needs regarding packaging needs. It will make a strong impact on customers that you are willing to take any step for them.

Reaffirm customer loyalty

Gaining a customer's loyalty is the main goal of every brand. When you invest in your packaging box and unboxing, it will assure customers that they have made the right decision. You cannot miss this chance to reaffirm customer's loyalty for a lifetime. Once you will be able to gain the trust of your customers, it is repeat business for a lifetime. Loyal customers are also the brand ambassador for you.

Free advertising on social media

The perfect unboxing of custom soap boxes with window can make you star of the social media. You may be taking it as funny but it is not.  Once your product unboxing video has gone viral, nobody can stop you. Many bloggers and influencers share the videos of packaging that stand out and their followers blindly follow them. If you have done your side of work perfectly, they will share the packaging in form videos, photo series, and stories.

Provides your exposure and visibility

We have discussed the free advertising on social media above but unboxing can give you exposure out of it. When people see your videos and share them, they will also discuss your brand with their friends and family. When the chain of your brand promotion starts, you can easily get high sales without putting much effort. Unboxing is the easiest way to get more exposure and visibility.

How to maximize the unboxing experience for your customers?

In this age of social media, if your product packaging is not sharing worthy, you need to move towards the start point. The trend of unboxing is always on the top and especially it has madly grown on YouTube. Whether it is custom cereal box packaging or beauty products, you can personalize the unboxing for any industry. Here are some steps which you can maximize to enhance the overall experience.

Choose branded boxes

For the enhanced unboxing experience, it is a must to use branded boxes for soap packaging. We know it is a must for custom packaging but many brands still overlook it. The box is the center of the product packaging and you need to pay a little extra effort on it. Make your logo and company name the focal point. It will excite customers to know more about your company.

Invest in material and design

If you are thinking that in unboxing, you can compromise over the quality and design, it is your biggest misconception. Unboxing doesn’t mean that only interior matters, both inside and outside are equally important for customers. So, it is a must to choose high-quality and durable material for your soap packaging boxes. The material should also take printing and customization well.

Consider the outside and inside

When it comes to beauty, we always say that it is inside which matters. But you cannot say this in the packaging. You need to work on both inside and outside printing. If the outside of the packaging excites customers, the interior should also do the same. Customers should not end in utter disappointment on opening the packaging.

Add freebies

Freebies are a great way to appreciate customers and it is also an economical option.  A small thank you note can make your customers feel valued. Including discount coupons, promo codes, or samples of your coming products will enhance the unboxing experience.  Free items excite everyone and social media addicts share every little detail on their handles. By investing a little, you can earn more.

Try to be social

When customers are getting social by sharing your product, you should also do something to motivate them.  Include hash tags about your brand or the product on the custom boxes. One more thing which you can do is add your social media handles. It will be easy for customers to start your advertising campaign or to contact you.

Apart from the above tips, you also need to do some research on what customers like and what can click with them. While enhancing the unboxing experience, you should also focus on the social media influencer to get the most out of your investment.

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