Effective Tips to Make Eyeliner Boxes Your Brand Identity

Effective Tips to Make Eyeliner Boxes Your Brand Identity

2021-04-07 07:55:38

Effective Tips to Make Eyeliner Boxes Your Brand Identity

Packaging affects the sales of a trader immensely, and thus should be designed with as much caution as the product itself. It is true that distinct articles demand different coverings: this ‘difference’ can be visualized in degrees of varying textures, colors, materiality, opacity, design language, sizes and shapes. However, the distinction in articles can be done by generally categorizing them by either their use or manufacturing company; for instance, one way of classification could be all the makeup products packaged similarly or wrapped in accordance to the brand selling it. Moreover, this ‘distinction’ is more evident in the outer packaging of products while the interior layer has a more edge. The interior/ primary wrapping solely adds to the unboxing experience of the client while securing the item inside while the exterior or secondary one plays a vital role in either attracting or repelling clients; the primary casing mostly contains the details essential to the article inside including directions and precautionary measures while the secondary sheathing like Eyeliner Boxes in case of eyeliners pack contains logos and primary information about distributors and addresses.

Eyeliner Boxes - a Medium to Boom in Makeup Industry

Cosmetic marketing is dependent on various factors, and the way a certain product is boxed constitutes a major part of it. Products such as foundations, lip tints and eyeliners comprise substantial portion of this industry. This is why eyeliner boxes are significant due to numerous reasons: they protect the liners inside hence increasing the product life, aids in advertising, avoids tampering with the product inside, stimulates interest of the viewer, and builds brand image. Moreover, the boxing type of these products generally depends upon the shape of the interior packaging itself: some eyeliner comes in dip-lining tubes, some in pencil shapes and certain in palettes. This lays stress on the importance of understanding which boxing suits which shape. For example, similarly, to amplify rate of increasing sales, wrappings of eyeliners should be designed in accordance to the needs and demands of the product and user and the budget of the provider. The points that contributes to the final result includes:

  • Deciding the coating or finishing of the casings: this can either be matte, glossy or high gloss UV
  • Product visibility: what degree of visual contact does the company intend for the user to make with the article. This resolves design by deciding opacity of the coverings.
  • Color choosing: Selecting eye catching and vibrant colors for the secondary wrappings also affects the decision making of the customer. This is because colors are directly related to psychology and the aura they give off affects choice of viewers.
  • Unboxing experience of users who’ve already tried the product before: this is why customer satisfaction is crucial.

Why the Candle Boxes Are Important for a Good Product Showcase?

Apart from the cosmetic industry, another craft is that of candle making. Whether it is a simple candle or a scented one and constitutes of different ingredients, in the end they all melt and hence require a container for the wax to be collected in. This is why Candle Boxes are of immense importance. Similar to boxing of makeup items, these can also come in two layers of packaging, and although it is true that the exterior cover weighs more but in this case the secondary/ interior has more weightage. Typical types of coverings include aluminum and glass containers. Deciding what type of packaging to choose depends on the following factors immensely:

  • Safety: This is perhaps the most crucial aspect when deciding what material to work with. This media should be inflammable, and be irresistible to cracks or breaking and have a high melting point.
  • A material that’ll contain the melted wax rather than being permeable to it. This is why glass containers are the ideal choice.

Once the materiality is chosen, work on the appearance of the container can be done. One consideration can be given to how the candle will look once illuminated. This is because of the yellowish-flame that will interact with the color chosen for the covering and gives off the aura intended. A deciding method could be derived from the fact that if the targeted community that purchases the most candles is analyzed; it can be seen that most of them makes a purchase for relaxation purposes. Hence, the resulting color should give a feeling of warmth and calmness; however, different people perceive the colors differently and some might have an attachment to a color that the other cannot relate to. This is why the company could maybe introduce packages in variety of colors and hence boost their sales. This is what all businesses want.

Retail Boxes Made According to the Product

Furthermore, decision-making of wrapping can also be impacted by the characteristics that the article inside possesses. Since, wax can be molded into whichever shape is desired one way could be to take advantage of this trait in order to improve marketing. This aids in break away from traditional ways of candle wrapping and moving onto more modern and sustainable ways. Nevertheless, another way could be to rethink the conventional ways and combining them with the modern to gain more postmodernist approach towards designing.  In short, Retail Boxes are more crucial than they are perceived to be. Contributing to the overall unwrapping experience of the end customer, they are the communicating tools of the retailers. By choosing the right typography, color, texture, finish, size and material it either breaks the brand image or builds it. These packages can also be printed on the inside rather than being left dry by concentrating all the energy and devotion to the exterior. Although these factors might view trivial at first, when used correctly can impact the sales drastically. These coverings can be of various types including polybags, plastics, foil sealed, cardboards, corrugated sheets, rigid sheets and paperboards. Versatility in designing these and breaking away from the norms adopted by the other competing brands is the key to being successful in the market. Being consistent with innovation in these wrappings also prove to be in favor of the brand.

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