Eco-Friendly CBD Boxes Trends 2020

Eco-Friendly CBD Boxes Trends 2020

2020-02-13 13:48:42

Which Eco-Friendly Packaging Trends Of 2020 Will Prevail

The market of world packaging industry is set to reach $1 trillion in terms of worth and value in the year 2020. The industry trends as well as the consumer trends for boxing and packaging are the large contributor of this gigantic growth. But you need to understand deeply this phenomenon. At the same time, you need to appreciate the direction it’s heading in.

So to speak, we are going to observe and examine the 6 most desired CBD Oil Boxes and packaging trends of the year.

The Trend of Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Packaging

There has been a drastic climate change seen in the recent decades. Because of this very concern, there is a huge rise in protests world over and demand from some of the most prominent activists. With these protests, it can be clearly seen that consumer these days deeply care about the earth and about what packaging choices you make in terms of material.

You will find a wealth of new materials that are being harnessed to packaging materials.

Let’s have a look at the most popular options

  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Packaging choices that are composed of recycled plastic, plant starch material, wood, palm leave, and recycled paper.
  • Materials that are naturally sourced.
  • Reusable and recyclable packaging

The Trend of Minimalist Packaging: The Less Is More Factor

If you wish for your packaging to appeal to the primal, visual cues of your consumers, you need to work on your design being amazing and simply mind blowing. You need to understand human psychology. This factor is pivotal if you wish to create a memorable packaging, especially in this era of Instagram and Facebook.

As time passes, the world that we live in is becoming increasingly complex. The consumers are now showing a marked preferences for packaging design using minimalist material and twerking. In other worlds, simplicity, time and again, trumps clutter.

There is a concept now taking place which is minimalism when it comes to packaging design. Do not take this concept wrongly as the absence of design in a packaging rather it should be taken as a highly focused and precise type of design conveying the message of the brand in the most concise, clean and clear manner.

The Trend of Soft Pastels, Neutrals, and Patterns

The use of clean patterns and soft colors reflect all those aesthetics that we discussed above but in a minimal fashion. In saying that, this is one of those trends that the consumers will continue to embrace. However, when we say soft, that doesn’t imply wallflower though, contrary to the most popular belief. When you use minimalist designs and soft colors, it can easily help emphasize the logo of your brand better than any busy design. Think about Apple and its sleek design. Their design, if you notice, mainly feature neutral tones. And what about their iconic Apple logo. So to sum it up, the trend for 2020 will be ‘basic is beautiful’.

The Trend of Connected and Smart Packaging

There are a number of incredible benefits that this smart CBD Hemp Boxes and packaging has to offer. Let’s have a look at what these are:

  • The codes are not that easy to copy thus making them the most unique and secure options.
  • When you use a watermark code that is invisible, it will ultimately boost the engagement of your consumers. These codes encourage the consumers to directly interact with your goods with the help of smartphones.
  • The human eye cannot detect these codes. Thus your packaging can have the cleanest look ever.
  • The checkout process is quite easier and quicker because the POS systems can detect and identify the products fairly quickly. Since the code is all over the product, there are numerous ways to detect the it.
  • The consumers, with the help of these codes, can easily connect to online discounts, promotions and coupons.
  • The invisible watermark codes have the ability to perform nearly any type of and all the same pricing, identification and inventory functions of those traditional UPC but rather more accurately.

The Trend of Corrugated Packaging

If we take a look at the statistics, there has been a considerable growth seen in e-commerce all across the globe. In the U.S. alone, there has been a 16% growth in the year 2018. This trend keeps on growing all over the world which is a reason why a sale option for packaging is needed and in high demand.

The corrugated is perhaps one of the most sustainable, versatile and cheap options that retailers can use for the purpose of e-commerce packaging. Without a doubt, these factors make the choice one of the leading packaging choices and trend for 2020.

We have lined up a few more reasons to why this packaging choice excels

  • The corrugated packaging is made out of one of the most recyclable materials you can find on earth. They are mainly created from trees that have been managed in a sustainable forest. Which makes the choice highly ideal for packaging, especially when you need to create countless boxes out of it.
  • Since shipping costs are going quite high, companies are looking for ways to reduce it somehow. The corrugated packaging in this regard can help you achieve your goals because they are light in weight and can help reduce the cost considerably.
  • The corrugated packaging material offers multiple customization and printable panels so you can form the boxes in any style and shape you prefer making the design appealing and attractive all at the same time.
  • You can reuse the box fibers of corrugated material to create completely new boxes. But that’s not all. You have the choice of creating other paper products too.

The Trend of Flexible Packaging

Let’s have a look at all those reasons that have resulted in the phenomenal growth of these flexible packaging options in the last couple decades. It’s all because of sustainability concerns, technological innovations and attractive economics that lead to this drastic growth all across the globe, especially in North America.

In this age and time of e-commerce in particular, the benefits we get from using flexible packaging materials can be countless. The concerns for sustainability and the technological advances all have fueled the urge for flexible materials for packaging. These include the polybags. These are composed of nature friendly materials. The polybags being super friendly to the earth are now a rather much better and preferred choice in comparison to those traditional boxes. The polybags cost less, weigh less and they create less waste.

We can’t look at any other reasons to why we shouldn’t use these nature friendly options of Custom CBD Packaging. They secure your earth as well as your product effectively. These will be the most ideal choices for the year 2020.

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