Don’t Let Customers Walk Past Your Custom Boxes

Don’t Let Customers Walk Past Your Custom Boxes

2020-06-15 11:52:30

Marketing and real life, these are two completely different aspects. For instance, in real life, it’s not all about those looks. However, when it comes to the world of marketing, it’s a totally different story. For all brands out there, making that first impression is quite important. Because whatever the impression may be, they won’t get more than 5-7 seconds to do the job. You should know that this is not a lot of time. If you think about all the aspects, you are facing a fierce competition out there and a hard challenge to set your mark. According to these specs then, your brand is going to get only one good shot at appealing to the hearts of the customers and grabbing their attention. In fact, one shot at making them your regulars and converting sales. In other words, you need to have the kind of Custom Boxes that can appeal to the customer’s heart and make them buy your products. Because you should know that the packaging is that one key component upon which the decision is based.

So if you are trying to seal the deal, you need an appealing and amazing packaging. In this article, we are going to help you in creating a packaging choice that customers are going to find hard to resist. We can share with you all those amazing marketing strategies that will simply make you a hit.

But ever wondered why the packaging choices are this much important in the marketing world? Well, let us tell you. You are living in a world where most of the decisions of making a purchase are made in an impulse. At the same time, there is this energy and gratification wherever we go. Because of this particular factor, it will take nearly 5 seconds or less for a customer to make any decision when it comes to purchasing certain items. They won’t be bothered to find out what’s written on the packaging or label, or they won’t even consider reading the reviews related to the product. The main decision is going to be based on visual appeal. The customers mainly buy the things they like. But in saying that, the shape, size, color, design and style of packaging is going to play a pivotal role here in that decision. Therefore, if you wish to convert sales, you need a packaging design that is super appealing and enticing.

The Design

Now we will get on to creating the design of your packaging and how it should be so that everyone finds it extremely enticing, eye-catching and appealing:

Packaging Design Needs To Be Simple yet Direct

We’ve all heard probably a gazillion time’s simplicity is that one thing that has the ability and tendency to take you a long way. Absolutely no one out there will want to buy a packaging that is designed in the most complex an overly complicated manner. The world today is just full of over-stimulation. People, because of this very factor, are quite easily drawn towards simple visuals that do not involve a lot of thinking. There are a lot of problems people face today, and you are trying to sort them out through your goods that you have on offer. You need to clearly state all the solutions and how you product can help them on the packaging. As soon as the customers have a look at your product packaging, they will know how this item inside will be able to help them out.

Packaging Should Be Unique To Be a Standout

We agree that you need to have the kind of packaging that is going to reflect simplicity. This is highly crucial and necessary. At the same time, your packaging needs to have the kind of factor that will make people go wow over it. The reason why this is necessary for you to do is your product is going to be sitting next to countless similar products by various brands up on the display shelves. You already know that every product present on the shelve will be vying for the customer’s attention that is going to walk by. If your packaging doesn’t wow the customers more than all those other present, you won’t have any sales named to you. This is why it’s important for your product to be a standout. It’s pivotal of finding the right balance between the product packaging and its design.

Your Boxes Should Tap Into the Buyer's Deepest Emotions

Most of the buyers may not have any clue but at least 80% of their decisions of purchasing an item are based solely and purely on their emotions. They mainly make a decision to buy an item when they feel that their emotions are tapped quite deeply. This is perhaps brands need to focus on creating the kind of packaging that is going to connect with the buyer's deepest emotions. When the consumers look at the product, they need to realize that there is a sense of connection based on a number of certain emotions and feelings that are quite dear to them. The best strategy in this regard would be eye contact. Because mainly people make eye contact with another person to make a strong point, or any one for that matter. When you try to make an attempt to make this connection, it actually means something. Lingering on a little further to this moment means you are in hopes of finding a meaning. Now when we apply the same rule to packaging, its the boxes trying to make a connection the customers and what this connection can mean to them.

The product packaging that you have needs to do the same. It needs to make such a strong impression that the buyers actually pause and take out their time to have a close look at the item itself. In this very moment too, the feelings and emotions of the buyers need to be captured. The packaging needs to win the hearts of the customers in a way that they immediately buy it. Ideally, brands should think of incorporating certain designs, images, shapes, and colors to the packaging choices that elicit all those emotions that are a definite to capture their minds and hearts.

Incorporating certain colors and images in the packaging design will elicit specific emotions and feelings. For instance, people may be allured toward babies and animals, but at the same time they are drawn to edgy, strong designs. In other words, the purpose of your product design is going to dictate which emotions you need to focus on for your Cardboard boxes.

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