DIY ideas to increase the sale of custom lip balm boxes

DIY ideas to increase the sale of custom lip balm boxes

2019-12-12 10:03:17

It can be b challenging for a cosmetic brand to spend equally on a high-quality product and packaging especially if you are new or own small business. If you are tight on budget and can't spend much, DIY packaging can help to design lip balm boxes cost-effectively.

DIY ideas not only help to stay in budget but also set your product from the competition. It can provide great customer experience and help customers to recall your cosmetic brand for future purchases.

Below are some ideas to make your lip balm containers sell your product.

Packaging with transparency

Adding little transparency to your packaging boxes can make a great difference in your sales. Many cosmetic brands have come up with transparent packaging design. It is an excellent feature to show off your product. A transparent window cut-out on the front will let customers know that what they are buying.

Printed pillow boxes

DIY pillow boxes are the perfect packaging solution for small cosmetic items like lip balm. You can add floral print on the boxes or can go for a doted patter.  It adds to the visual appeal of the product. Make use of packaging inserts to keep the product from moving. Apart from lip balm, you can pillow packaging for other items as well.

Doodling on the boxes do wonders

Handmade doodles on the lip balm packaging display boxes can do wonders for your product. If your audience is mainly youth, they will buy a product with a cool doodle box. To add more creativity, you can make use of inks or color which glow in dark. It will increase your sales as people share every unique and innovative thing on social medial.

Add glitter to your boxes

You can make an ordinary cosmetic packaging look cool and shiny with glitter. It is one of the cheap and easily accessible ways to design a unique box. If you don't have a budget for customization, you can buy simple cardboard boxes and can start the design process at your own. It will add a personal touch and make customers feel valued.

Custom stamps are the new trend

If you are in the business of homemade natural lip balm, you surely want to cut down the packaging cost and it also makes sense. A simple yet creative idea for outstanding packaging is the use of custom stamps. A simple custom stamp of your logo and product name on boxes can help to save a good amount of money.

Custom stickers are the new cool

If you don't want to spend extra on customization and print, you can opt for custom stickers. You can use stickers with your logo to close the box. Apart from the logo, you can have printed stickers in any design. It is more affordable, easy to print and more easy to customize. An exceptional unboxing experience is guaranteed with personalized stickers.

Add burlaps

One of the minimal approaches to design lip balm packaging boxes is to use burlaps with a custom tag. It will add a rustic touch to your containers. Using burlaps is sustainable; it is eco-friendly, reusable and a cost-effective option. If you use it with decorative ribbons or beats, your boxes will surely stand out.

Make your packaging eco-friendly

If you want to boost up the sales for a cosmetic product, switch to eco-friendly packaging as soon as possible.  It will portray a good image of your brand and make customers prefer your products over completion. It is also a simple and cost-effective way to leave a lasting impression on customers.

Many cosmetic brands don’t focus much on the packaging without realizing its importance in branding and sales. Personalizes lip balm packaging and custom ipstick boxes can help you to amaze customers affordably.

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