Dignify Your Products with Custom Die Cut Boxes

Dignify Your Products with Custom Die Cut Boxes

2020-07-15 11:37:46

The simple brown packaging does not do a lot for your product or your brand. That is because packaging is very important if you want to make a mark on your customer. There are a number of packaging solutions available out there which you can choose in order to make your product stand out from the rest. We see different designs, structure and printing on the boxes of retail products whenever we visit supermarket. All of them are Die Cut Boxes made from cardboard or Kraft which gives protection and attractive outlook to the product. They are printed with promotional logo and trademark which helps in making their unique brand identity in the market. Also, they reflect the best quality of product to buyer to convince them in buying their product.

Reasons for using die cutting packaging boxes

This type of packaging can be used for a large number of products. Depending upon the type of item that you want to package in addition to its fragility or dexterity, the material for making these boxes is used. For example, you can use this type of packaging for shoes, clothes, cosmetics, food and electronics. The additional advantage of using such type of boxes is that they can easily be folded, due to which they do not take up large spaces.

Due to this property, they are very useful in storing in manufacturing houses and on shops as well. For example if you are using them to store shoes, you might have seen stacks of these boxes one over another. In addition to protecting the shoes from climatic effects, they also provide protection and does not let them get squeezed or bent out of shape.

Another great advantage is that they can be used easily for the shipping of the products as well. As explained earlier, they do not take up large spaces. This is a great advantage because it decreases the shipping costs as well. In addition to less storage space, they will also protect the contents of the boxes during shipment.

Different types of boxes designs made with die cutting

There are different types of boxes that are used for different types of products. Here are a few types

Mailer box design

This is one of the most famous types for these foldable boxes due to its usage. It is mostly used for products that are ordered online. It contains a self-locking lid, which gives it a unique and an impressive look. This is great for storing food items and cosmetics. There is even an option to incorporate a window that will make them look stylish and give glimpse of inside product.

Suitcase style boxes

This type of boxes are used in special conventions and trade shows. These come with a self-closing lid, a window and a pull out handle as well. This gives it a look similar to that of a suitcase, for easy handling. They are different from all other styles of boxes which makes them perfect for gift and presents packaging.

Boxes for Shipping

As explained earlier, a great advantage of these type of boxes is that they can be used for shipping as well. That is because first of all they take up a very less space. The second and probably the most important advantage is that they will protect the contents of the packaging from external pressure as well as climatic effects. Therefore, if you are shipping any fragile items, or ones that need to maintain their shape, these type of boxes are an amazing solution.

Special boxes for balloting

Another great advantage that most people are not aware of, of these foldable boxes is that they can also be used as ballot boxes. These can be used for lucky draws, complaints and suggestions. These boxes come with a slit in the lid of the box. Suggestions, ballots or tickets can be dropped down from these slits into the boxes. Another place where these type of boxes can be used are at various charities.

Use for decorative packaging

Due to such huge variety and different shapes, they can be used in different types of industries, to store different kinds of products. Here are some of the industries where they can be used.

In bakeries

Bakeries do not only need to attract customers with unique taste. The first thing that will attract the customer is the presentation of the items. Therefore, these type of boxes can be used to display various cakes or different bakery items in a unique and attractive fashion.


Another item that needs to be showcased in order to attract the customers is jewellery. As most jewellery items are quite expensive, therefore the customers would want their products to be in highly unique and attractive packaging as well. So just like the boxes with lid and a window, which is used in bakeries, jewellery can also be displayed in boxes like that.


You can also use this type of packaging for sending out gifts to your loved ones. You want the item that you are sending out to reach its destination in proper shape and texture. Therefore, these boxes will provide you the protection they need.

Therefore, there are a number of uses and advantages of using foldable packaging in different industries. In order to offer more strength and protection to the contents, different materials are used like Kraft Packaging, paperboard, corrugated cardboard and so many more.

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