Different type of Custom Folding Boxes and its uses

Different type of Custom Folding Boxes and its uses

2019-12-13 08:40:52

Different type of Custom Folding Boxes and its uses

In custom packaging, choosing the right box for your product is highly important. When it comes to choosing the right style of custom boxes, there are several options available. Custom folding boxes are quite popular among brand and customers. The success of a product is directly or indirectly depends on the packaging. No matter if you are launching a new product or redesigning the old packaging, folding boxes can be the best choice.

Custom folding cartons is a common type of packaging which is suitable for all type of products and the industry. Different styles of these boxes increase the visual appeal of the product. Folding boxes are cost-effective and light in weight. The boxes come in different custom style and sizes.  You can also customize the design and style of the boxes to meet the packaging needs of your product. Folding boxes provide strength, stability and are easy-to-assemble.

Custom folding boxes are a popular and common choice of brands for product packaging. These boxes allow flexibility; you can cut it down to any shape.  Folding boxes are durable in nature and the upper folded lock provides the extra protection. These boxes also come in different materials like cardboard, corrugated and Kraft. With different printing techniques, you can turn these boxes into eye-catching packaging. It helps to differentiate your product from the crowd.

Unlimited benefits of using custom folding cartons

Custom folding cartons are the most common type of packaging seen in the retail industry.  It is considered as all in one solution. These boxes are suitable for a variety of items and products. Folding boxes also come at unexpectedly low rates. Whether you are running a big store or own a small shop, custom folded boxes can help to boost your business. Besides retail packaging, these boxes are also perfect for display packaging. It increases the shelf appeal and results in impulse buying.

Folding boxes are durable and provide the necessary protection. Cardboard, corrugated, paperboard and Kraft are the popular materials used in the manufacturing of the custom boxes. All the materials are sustainable and make the product secure. Also, the box remains safe from any wear and tear during the shipment. Moreover, folding boxes are eco-friendly packaging. The pulp used for the boxes comes from recycled material. By using these boxes, you can help to reduce environmental impact.

Custom folding boxes are the most affordable packaging. The material is cheaply available and can be recycled many times for the manufacturing process. Folding boxes wholesale also allow you to order in bulk to save some extra dollars. These boxes come with easy printing and customization. You can turn a simple plain box into a customized one. A custom box will help you to attract more customers and generate more sales.

Different style of folding boxes are available

The prominent feature of the folding boxes is their versatility. From its style to its design, you can customize the box according to the product and your need. You can design and create the box into any style or shape. Due to their unlimited styles, these boxes are in great demand. From straight tuck end boxes to reverse tuck end, there are several options available.

The unique styles of custom boxes are fairly popular among retailers. But there is three most common type of folding cartons used.

  • Straight Tuck end boxes: It is the most used type of folding box. You can use it for a variety of products. These boxes have tuck end closure at both sides.  Straight tuck boxes are easy to assemble and save you more time.
  • Reverse tuck end boxes: It is the second popular packaging in folding boxes. These boxes are perfect for beauty and other products. Reverse tuck boxes have flaps on both sides which lock in the opposite direction.
  • Snap-lock bottom boxes: Snap lock boxes are generally used for heavier products. The snap locks at the bottom add durability and strength.  The flap of the box comes together at the bottom to provide a safe closure.
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