Different styles of soap boxes wholesale

Different styles of soap boxes wholesale

2019-12-13 09:39:04

Soap industry is growing at a fast paced. From organic to natural to handmade, there are several types of soap available in the market.  Every business wants a unique way to present their soap boxes wholesale. Soap packaging plays a huge role in getting your brand noticed. Soap comes in different packagings like cotton bags, wrapping sheets, and tissue papers. But custom boxes are best as compared to other options.

Custom boxes are available in different style and shape for the packaging of soaps. You know your product best. Choose the box which compliments your product well. Apart from the size and materials of the boxes, its style also matters. The right style of soap boxes will help you to make a lasting impression on customers. It also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the product.

Here is a list of different styles of boxes available for unique soap packaging

Custom display boxes

Custom display boxes are the perfect way to showcase your product on the counter display. Your soaps will easily get noticed when displayed on the countertops. The particular shape of the display boxes allowsplacing multiple varieties of products in a single rack. With the right placement,these boxes are definitely a way to get more sales.

Die-cut soap boxes

Die-cut boxes are the classical structure available for innovative soap packaging. These boxes are available in different cut-out style needs. You can choose the best according to your product needs. The misconception about these boxes is that it cost high but die-cut boxes are quite affordable and worth investing.

Sliding drawer boxes

This style of custom boxes is specially designed for soap packaging. Sliding drawer boxes come in the category of the two-piece packaging. You can place your soap in the drawer and cover it with the sleeves. It ensures complete protection and safety. Sliding drawer soap boxes wholesale boxes usually come in Kraft and cardboard material. Moreover, it is a better option than tray and sleeve boxes as you don’t have to separate the pieces to see the product.

Custom Pillow Kraft boxes

Pillow Kraft boxes are the innovative packaging for a different kind of product. One way to use these boxes is for the packaging of soaps. The unique shape of pillow boxes makes your packaging appealing and increase customer’s interest in the product. These boxes are usually made of Kraft which makes pillow soap packaging durable and sustainable.

Transparent boxes for soap

Transparent packaging is in the trend as customers want to see the actual product before final purchase. It helps to build a trust relationship between customers and the brand. You can opt for fully transparent plastic boxes but it is not a good choice forseveral reasons. You can show off your product by choosing custom boxes witha plastic window on top or front.

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