Different ideas to customize custom sleeve boxes

Different ideas to customize custom sleeve boxes

2020-04-27 06:26:05

Custom packaging boxes are great ideas to add value and appeal to your product. There are many different styles and shapes of boxes available which you can customize according to your product needs. One of the packaging box styles which are getting popular among brands and customers is custom sleeve boxes. No matter which product you sell, you have to face a lot of competition and the only way to stand out is the use of unique packaging boxes. Custom sleeves can effectively present your product on the shelves and can generate more sales.

Your packaging is not only meant to enclose and protect the product but it is a free opportunity to communicate your brand message with customers. When you want to market and advertise your product, your focus should be to design unique and creative packaging. Sleeves are becoming the most trendy and shareable packaging on different social media platforms. You shouldn't rely on the standard or plain solution but instead, customize the packaging can become an investment for a lifetime. You can contact the packaging expert to get the best out of your sleeve packaging. Here are some ideas from our side to customize the sleeves in a perfect way.

Use Die-Cut for a classic touch

You should never ignore the importance of die-cut in an impactful packaging solution. It is an affordable and easiest way to capture customer’s attention in the sea of brands. With custom sleeve packaging boxes, you can choose for a simple cut-out on the front of the boxes. It is a low-cost solution but strikingly it will give an embellished look to your product. The product will have a luxurious look because of the artwork and unique die-cut design.

Surprise the customers with inside print

Inside printing is a great way to surprise your customers with a twist. It will only cost you 5-10 percent more of the actual packaging cost. The trend of online purchases and sharing un-boxing videos is the new trend in the retail world. So, it is better to do something unique to make an impact on customers. It will not only add extra appeal but can make your brand viral on social media overnight. Instead of patterns or graphics, you can opt for printed personalized messages.

Printed patterns always catch the eye

Custom sleeves are an ideal way to pack boxes for soap packaging and many other products. But customizing the sleeve boxes should not be overlooked by brands. Nothing can match the appeal and luxury which a printed pattern or design will add to your boxes. Whether it is a dotted pattern or a floral design, you can easily achieve it with different printing techniques.  Patterns are a cost-effective choice because you don't need extra color inks, and papers to print the design.

Go for digital print

One of the packaging experts says that digital printing can innovate your packaging and can make customers pick up your product in the crowd. It makes a lot of sense for small brands because digital is far more affordable choice than off-set printing. We know hat off-set product better results but if you want to place an order in bulk or want to save the extra cost, digital print is the way to go. It doesn't require the long process and provides the fastest turnaround time.

Make your custom sleeves eco-friendly

We all know that custom sleeves are a unique and best way to present your product in the market. Brands are using the boxes to enhance the customer's experience and to make a profit based on your packaging solution. But using eco-friendly and durable material for wholesale sleeve boxes is like hitting two birds with one stone. It will make customers prefer your product over the competition and also present you as a responsible brand. Customers usually reuse the recyclable packaging instead of throwing it away.

Make use of foil and gold stamping

Gone are the days when foil and gold stamping was an expensive way to add a luxury touch to your packaging. The reason for the high-cost was hard intensive labor. But nowadays, many packaging companies offer cost-effective and reliable services of stamping. Whether you want gold stamping or foil stamping, you can easily customize the boxes at reasonable prices. It will add extra appeal and embellishment to your sleeve packaging boxes. You can get the stamping in different designs.

Tissue papers and inserts for repeat purchase

Whether you have chosen a full sleeve box or just a custom sleeve, using inserts can give your customers a branded experience. Tissue papers are low cost and a simple way to extend the unboxing. Instead of tissue paper, you can also use pre-printed or handwritten thank-you notes to make an impact on customers for repeat purchases. You can also give your business cards with the customers and ask them to provide valuable feedback about the product. In this way, you don’t have to invest in other marketing channels.

Never underestimate the power of product packaging especially when you have to sell the product in a competitive market. Customization can even make a simple soap box in the center of attention. Use the above tips to design cost-effective sleeve packaging boxes for your products. It is not only good for your brand image but can change a customer's perspectives about your product and brand.

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