Design custom cosmetic packaging boxes for holiday season with these steps

Design custom cosmetic packaging boxes for holiday season with these steps

2019-12-12 10:13:21

Christmas season is on its way and it is time to prepare your cosmetic packaging for the holiday spell. Gifts need wrapping for an excellent presentation. Your products also need custom cosmetic packaging boxes to surprise the customers. The below guide will help to know that is the holiday packaging a good idea, different options for your cosmetic business and what benefits will you get to design the boxes according to the holiday theme.

Now let's get into the exciting journey of designing an awesome cosmetic packaging.

Some of the basics of holiday boxes

Holiday packaging design depends on what product you are selling. As a cosmetic brand, you are selling a lot of products from lipstick to the perfumes.The main aim of the special packaging is to make a powerful impact on customers. But to make it possible there are some points to consider.

First of all, is to know your budget and ask yourself these simple questions.

  • How much budget have you allocated to this purpose?
  • Can you need to hire a manufacturer or should go for DIY?
  • Will you want a customized box or a minimal design?

Second, you must know what you are packing inside the box. Cosmetics are luxury items and Christmas design will add more value to it. You can ditch the usual flashy and bold color boxes; think of something which is never tried before. Golden, red and green colors bring Christmas in mind. If you want to keep everything simple, custom inserts are wonderful options.

Learn from others

Designing a unique packaging design for your cosmetic products doesn't mean that you cannot take inspiration from others. In the holiday season, you can see most of the brands update their packaging according to the spell. Updating ounce in a year adds spark to the products and customers are already waiting for the new design. Companies who opt for Christmas packaging see more sales at the end of the year as it is a business-driven strategy.

Cosmetic brands should not miss this sale opportunity and an opportunity to generate more revenues. Spending a little extra will be worth it. You have to make smart choices. It is also good to keep an eye on your competitors.

How, when and why to design?

The first step is to select the packaging box. From plastic to wood, there are several options. But keep sustainability in mind and choose cardboard or other recyclable material for the boxes. You can have two types of boxes; one with less thickness for retail stores and the other is mailer boxes with various thick nesses. Custom shipping boxes wholesale is another option to consider.

You can opt for a whole redesign for the holiday season or change the old design. From changing the color to print to the shape, you can update any element to fit in the season sale. Another thing to do is to decorate the box with red ribbons or red gold balls. It will add a holiday touch to your cosmetic boxes. With little modification, you can make your product a hot-selling.

Now you are ready to conquer the cosmetic market with your Christmas themed cosmetic packaging. If you want to do even better you can connect with custom packaging pro. We will help you to design the best cosmetic boxes for your custom retail packaging and that too at an affordable rate.

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