Decorative Packaging in Sturdy Candle Boxes

Decorative Packaging in Sturdy Candle Boxes

2020-10-01 07:28:52

Candle symbolizes light which serve as an illumination that enlightens people lives. It is considered to be the most important part of all the events that are organized as it enlightens the event in many aspects. No matter what kind of event is, is it cultural or religious? Candles are used to decorate both of them to stand out so for this purpose candles are used. Event and the decor feel completed with candles. They are available in different shapes depending upon the way they are used. They are also available in different themes and attractive outlooks to make it easy for the customer to choose them for any type of celebrations. Every time the question pops up that why packaging is so important? So there are various reasons and factors behind it that can affect the product. As customers usually prefer the elegantly packed products over unpacked, candles are basically made up of wax so they are quite delicate. So, in order to keep them safe from any damage, Candle Boxes are used. They support the delicately made candles to last longer without getting any damage. They are used for different types of candles in a very beautiful way. They are not only utilized at dinners, parties or other occasions but can also serve as a decent gift to present to someone. These cartons are usually in small sizes yet appealing and art crafted with hues of colors. They are quite affordable and in order to stand out among the crowd of brands it is necessary to design eye catching and unique cartons.

Variety of boxes and their impact

These delicate yet decent candles can be preserved in variety of cases which will promote the sale as well as support the fragile item to last long. They secure the item from damaging. Variety of candles are packed in number of cases as well depending on the size and occasion accordingly. It will help the brand to target its potential audience and will also play its role in helping the customer in making its decision easy and find the required product - the one of their choice. The variety of candles are divided into number of categories subjected upon their use and the case. These categories are named as gift candles, decorative candles and prayer candles.

Gift candles and their packaging

There are further many types of gift candles. As the name suggest these candles are used for gift purposes. They can be used to present to someone in a decent yet elegant way. Among gift candles one of them is known as gel candles. They are available in small glass jars or containers that are filled with hues of colors. Because of their delegacy they are packed in a rigid case. Glass candles as the name suggests they have glass case. They are quite similar to floating candles but the difference is that the liquid that make them float is also available along the candle. They are quite lightweight and have appealing presentation. Their amazing outlook catches the eyes of the people and directly dive into the shopping bags. Instead of gathering dust on the shelf they soon get placed at houses shelf to serve its décor purpose. Boxes with creative shapes, designs, prints and theme are used to pack them.

Prayer candles

Votive candles are mostly used at prayer places and are white in color. They need support to last long so for this persistence glass cases are used. They look quite attractive hence adding beauty to the place they are placed in. they have glass holder so because of that they are carefully packed in rigid boxes. So, that they would not face any breakage or damage. These little candles are packed in flap containers with fence of protection. The other ones are pillar candles they are available in different colors. They are thick tube with the tendency to last for 10 hours. Commercially available candles packed in dozens do not require any holder to hold on to them. Rather they have glass plates and have cardboard cases secured with bonding agent and can be with no trouble stored and shipped from one place to the other.

Decorative candles

They include taper, floating and birthday candles. They all are used for decorative purposes. Taper are the one that are used at occasions, dinners and parties. They cannot stand by themselves so custom made holders are required for them. Floating candles have containers of durable material because they can get damaged easily. They play their vital role of adding beauty along with the flowers to the places such as spas, homes and restaurants. Birthday décor seems to be incomplete without them.

So, in short they are an essential part of decoration with elegant looking boxes to attract the audience. Ultimately boosts sales for manufacturers.

Best packaging material

Kraft Boxes are basically made up of Kraft paper that is different from cardboard. It is considered to be the best material for constructing the packaging. They are available in different shapes and sizes depending upon the product. They can easily be mold the way one desires. They are eco-friendly and give a unique touch to the products presentation. It is expressly designed for delicate items and is recyclable. Hence catching the eyes of the people because of its variety and attracting environmentalists because of their ability of not leaving a carbon footprint behind.

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