Decorate Gifts for International Friendship Day 2020 in Cosmetic Boxes

Decorate Gifts for International Friendship Day 2020 in Cosmetic Boxes

2020-07-16 08:44:35

Friendship is among the strongest relations that we make in whole lifetime. At work, bars and at social media platforms we make numerous friends but only some of them are special that you do not want to lose. This is why at the International friendship day 2020 you have a chance to strengthen your friendship and ensure you lever lose your good buddies. At this day, you can surprise your friend by decorating a nice gift for him/her to show how much you care. It can be difficult to choose about the right gift but for girls cosmetic items are suitable. They can be easily decorated in Cosmetic Boxes and with custom printing they would look amazing. You can decide the gift according to the liking and disliking of your friend but some suggestions are discussed below.

Makeup kits in attractive boxes for an everlasting impression

Every lady love to wear makeup whether she is young or an old women. It makes them look beautiful and make their features prominent. Makeup for eyes, lips and face are separately organized in a kit which has a plastic casing. This casing is then packed in cardboard boxes that are printed with spectacular designs which look very attractive. You can choose makeup kits as a gift because it has a very elegant look and contain everything that a lady needs for styling. If you want to impress your friend on international friendship day 2020 with your gift then you have to get beautiful packaging for your makeup kit.

Two piece boxes are common for makeup kits and you can wrap them with gold or silver foil to make them attractive. Using rigid box is also a good option because it will dignify your expensive kits and provide them a luxury outlook. Apart from making them highly attractive, it will protect the sensitive kits from getting damage during transportation. If you are sending her a gift in the other state or country, these boxes will be a perfect choice due to their non-bendable property. Also, you can get variety of styles in them including snap shut style, hinged style, collapsible style and even sleeve style. You can customize any style that make your makeup kits look fancy and eye-catching.

Perfumes in cardboard tuck top boxes

Tuck top boxes are common in retail market but they can be used for gift packaging. Perfumes are considered as one of the widely used gift item in the whole world. They are best to strengthen friendship and a gives positive gesture to recipient as well. Packaging of perfumes in tuck top boxes with inserts can uplift their appeal. You can add inserts to keep multiple eau de colognes in the box if you want to make your friend happy. Custom printing on the perfume boxes can make them very alluring and eye-catching for the customers. You can print the name of your friend and even picture on the box to surprise the recipient. Finishing add-ons like matte, gloss, spot UV and foiling can also be added to flourish their outlook.

Lipsticks in sleeve and tray box design

Sleeve and tray boxes are popular styles of packaging that are made from cardboard and rigid stock. The sliding sleeves are printed and can be designed in amazing colors and artwork which multiplies product charm. Lipsticks are packed inside the boxes which have foam inserts in them that make them protective and adds to their beauty as well. Women love to use lipsticks and when they see them inside an outstanding box, they will give a great feeling to them. You can make your gift sleeve box with single or multiple lipsticks to make induce a wow factor in them.

Lip gloss in fancy Kraft box

Kraft boxes are made in brown and white color and are considered organic because they are not processed. They can be used for gift packaging of lip glosses which is a very demanding product these days. Lip moisturizing glosses are produced in liquid and in wax form and ladies love to apply them especially in the cold weather. It prevents their lips from getting dry by providing it the required nourishing. Lip gloss boxes are made with inserts and cavity for the lip gloss that tightly hold it in the box. This gives an organized look when the user open the gift box, plus it can be decorated with ribbons and tied with a bow for a luxury outlook of the product inside.

This friendship day comes every year and businessmen can also promote your cosmetic business on this day. They can sell items by decorating them with the help of attractive boxes to urge the customer to buy them for their friend and loved ones. Whether it is a perfume, eye shadows, beauty creams or hair cosmetics, they can make use of the high quality Product Packaging to boost their business. Customers would be ready to pay even more for a decorated item as compared to the retail item. Printing of boxes according to the friendship day will surely impress customers entering the store and will surely promote impulse buying as well. Customizing the boxes in different styles like tulip, two piece, hinged style or sleeve would surprise the customers and would surely convince them for buying their item.

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