Custom Printed Candle Boxes for Your Range Of Candles

Custom Printed Candle Boxes for Your Range Of Candles

2020-11-19 08:35:23

Candle making has been there for as long as we know history. At first people used to light their houses with oil candles that were expensive too, but there were no other options as there was no electricity still in the world at that time. As time passed people made wax and wax candles were then used to light houses. Now a day’s even after the advent of electricity candle work is a business that many people invest in, and as a result custom printed Candle Boxes are famous in the market. It looks like candles are here to stay and are not going anywhere even after all the advancements.

Types of candles and their packaging

Candle making is now very commonly known as wax works at many places. Many people are indulged in making candles whether these are big names or small start-ups that you may see on Instagram quite often now. Some time ago candles very there for birthday parties and to be placed on a cake but know there are a lot of different kinds of candles sold out in the market. Some of the very famous candles that we all have seen are the scented candles, these candles come in different scents that include rose, jasmine, cinnamon, strawberry, coffee and you name it. These are mostly used in houses to spread a soft scent around the house without the harmful toxins of the sprays. Then another kind of candles is those which are sued for just decoration purposes. You may place such a candle on a floor stand or wall hangings in your guest room to make the place look more attractive and welcoming. Often these candles after being engraved are filled with waxes of different colors and sometimes glittery textures which gives it a kind of royal finish. Another kind of candles is the aroma therapeutic candles which help in managing stress and conditions like depression. These candles include the lavender and the candles made from essential oils.

Designs and shape of folding cartons

With all this growing trend of candles in the market there was a demand for such packaging that could encase a beautiful candle. Some options that are considered by the businesses are the glass containers, the Kraft containers and the card board ones. Choosing a box was tricky for businesses because a lot of things were to be kept in view before that the size of the candle and the weight of the candle. Kraft paper which is eco-friendly and recyclable is ideal for the small candles which were not quite heavy and card board could also sustain the weight of a heavy candle. On the other hand glass is a fragile material also it is more expensive than the both other methods. Many businesses decide to use a trio of all the three packets for encasing the candles. The Kraft paper is used in the packaging of candles which are small and light weight. Bulk amounts of such small circular candles are packed in the die cut boxes and pre roll boxes to sell in the market. In the cardboard boxes different candles which were a bit heavier and more fragile were encased so they could reach the distribution centers safely without being damaged. While the glass containers are used for the fancier candles which are much more expensive and are of supreme quality. These are created with the utmost concentration as not spoil the candle while creating it.

Material used in manufacturing

You would be surprised to know that all these three boxes are in one or another useful to the people. People are paid some amounts of money to recycle each Kraft paper and Cardboard cartons that they have. The glass packaging can be used in the houses to remake candles n them. Just DIY your favorite candles in them using your favorite scents and flavors and as you like them. You are free to choose the products and that could be a fun and productive activity to many people.

Just like the small containers for candles, custom printed Pre Roll Boxes are very popular in the stores these days. These are of a drawer like shape that is they slide open and close. Ever seen a pencil card board box which opens and closes like a drawer. These containers are now used to pack candles in bulk orders too, and the best part is that companies can get these customized according to their needs and choices. Multiple products can be encased in such type of folding cartons. These are ideal for people who prefer buying things in packages rather than buying a single product. Concluding the thing, if you are investing in a candle making business, do get yourself customized packaging, this can be cost effective and will give your business the push and support that it requires to stay in the market.

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