Custom popcorn boxes: 7 great tips to save your cost

Custom popcorn boxes: 7 great tips to save your cost

2019-12-06 09:05:18

Popcorns are everyone's favorite and especially or movie nights are incomplete without it. There is a lot of competition in the market and every brand is trying its best to get the maximum. It is not so easy especially when your custom popcorn boxes are not up to the mark.  Many businesses don't pay much attention to the product packaging because of the misconception that it is expensive. You can easily afford to package by making smart choices.

You cannot deny the fact sometimes packaging costs cross the product cost and can disturb the overall budget. Popcorn brands are always in search of ways to save money on packaging and are ready to grab the available opportunity. If you also want some money-saving tips, you are in the right place. Here are some points to take into consideration while deciding on custom popcorn packaging.

Choose the perfect packaging size

When it comes to saving costs with popcorn boxes, it is important to choose the right packaging or box size. Study your product well while choosing the packaging for it. You should know the best size to buy and should also know which material will provide maximum protection. Choosing the wrong size will make you pay more than you need. Packaging a small product in a large box is a way to waste your money unnecessarily.

Recycle your packaging boxes

What more can help to save the cost than using the old material for the production of new boxes?Yes. You heard it right. Reusing the old packaging material can help to save a big amount. That's why we always encourage brands to choose a sustainable packaging solution. You can easily recycle the material and can even use the old box for other purposes.  Recycling can help to make a positive impact on customers. It will also help to generate more revenues by drawing more sales.

Go for paint instead of print

Printing can be quite expensive if you don't want to spend much on the packaging. Instead of going for print, choose to decorate the popcorn boxes with paint.  Dye the outside in one single color or choose different colors for each side. More you can do is to go for small pattern design with a contrasting shade. It is far way affordable than printing and will also help in labeling the boxes. It can result in a simple, clean and cute design. Children will love the painted popcorn boxes.

Focus on product care

The whole purpose of using custom boxes is to protect the product. Damaged or bad packaging results in a faulty item which can disappoint customers and result in negative sales. So, if you want to avoid low revenues, you must focus on protecting the product which will help to avoid returns. Use durable and sturdy material to keep the product from any risk. Poor popcorn boxes will cost you more in the long run.

You can use small popcorn boxes

Instead of using large or big packaging boxes, opt for small popcorn boxes. These come handy and also quite cheap as compared to other solutions. Customers will love the mini personalized boxes. It will look attractive on the shelves and make you stand out in the competition. You can also present them as a gift on special occasions. These little packages also provide ease and convenience. It also reduces your shipping cost because of its lightweight.

Try to buy in bulk

If you have a big business that launches their product regularly, you are always in the need of hundreds of packaging boxes. But ordering a short run will cost you many dollars. Buying in bulk can solve the problem for you. Popcorn boxes wholesaleare cheap and the price will go down as the number of boxes goes up. Do your research to find a manufacturer that provides affordable and premium popcorn packaging at wholesale.

Be creative by doing it yourself

Small or new brands can't afford customized popcorn packaging due to low resources. But there is a solution to every problem. Have you heard about DIY? Yes, doing it by yourself is so easy and an affordable way to customize the packaging. You can order plain boxes and then craft them according to your choices. Customers love the DIY items and can prefer your brand over others. If you are confused about where to start, you can take video tutorials.

In conclusion, we only say that packaging boxes are a big investment for every brand. You cannot risk it by making a poor decision or by choosing the wrong manufacturer. Custom packaging pro can help you to have the best popcorn packaging. We also deal in custom cereal boxes, custom bakery boxes and many more.

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