Custom Packaging – Why Choosing A Focal Point Is Important?

Custom Packaging – Why Choosing A Focal Point Is Important?

2019-12-03 05:18:25

Have you already decided with the type of product packaging that you wish to move forward with? If that’s the case, then you need to move on to the next most important step which is the design. Have you wondered which the best way to begin would be? Well, I believe that you need to choose a focal point for your custom packaging for this one. This is a key element and if you ignore it, you might end up paying more than you wished to earn.

Your product is lined up with these piles of other similar items. The customer scans through the entire shelf. Suddenly the customer’s eyes land on your product, and only in a matter of seconds the it takes the eyes away to the next one. Now you have only a couple seconds to send your message across. And if you fail to do that, you have a failed packaging design for your product. You want your packaging to say something to the customers which they can read through it. Now think about it! What is that one message that you need to get across to the customers? What you want the customers to know about the item that is packed inside that packaging. You need to be clear, you need to be obvious, and you need to be precise. You need to give them the exact image of your product as it is and nothing else. In short, whatever you have in mind that you feel needs to come forward, it has to come through the design of your product packaging.

But another important thing is brand recognition. When a customer picks up a candle, or a mascara, or a vape, or a beauty product, then need to know it’s from you. It’s your brand they are choosing. For this to happen effectively though, you need to place your logo on the center and front of your packaging to be able to let people know it’s you. If you miss placing your logo on the packaging, they will never realize it’s you and perhaps they might go with another brand. Think of it this way. They entered the store with the mind to buy your product, but they can’t seem to find it in the stack of loaded shelves. Where is your product? They look at this packaging and are struggling to figure out who it is because there’s no logo or indication on it whose it’s from. Oh no! But wait! It’s you, and the customer doesn’t know it. The customer thinks that you are not present in the lot and starts to search for the similar product from the next favorite brand of the customer. And this is how customers miss you and go for another brand. You haven’t placed your logo on the packaging as a result of which they didn’t know the box they were struggling to figure out who is it from was actually their favorite brand – you of course.

Here’s another key trick that you set you different from others. You are a brand based on organic ingredients. Highlight being organic because not everyone in the market will be the same. People are really attracted to products that are all natural and organic. This is something that might give you an edge. Similarly, your product contains something that is a little different from other ingredients that have been used in it. You need to tell people that you have used that certain ingredient in your product, especially if you are a beauty or cosmetic brand. This is certainly going to wow your customers. There is no doubt too that the customers will want to buy your product without any second thoughts. But the key is to be accurate about the information you are giving. Anything else can lead to you losing customers.

These are the many elements on which you can focus in your design. There’s no need to focus on all of them if you find it too hard. But you need to make one core element your point of focus if you wish to get your message across. You need to ensure through your packaging that the message you are trying to send out to your customers is done in the most perfect and accurate manner.

So the next thing up in line is choosing the material for your packaging which is another key factor. Along with that, you need to choose the specialty printing options that you plan to use in your packaging or on it. You have countless options that will simply jazz up the whole packaging of yours. However, you need to bear in mind to keep your packaging the simplest as possible. You see, the more you make your packaging complicated, the more you will have to spend on it. There might be certain upgrades needed in your packaging that you cannot do away without. But that depends entirely on your product.

So we have covered the key factors. But here are some other design choices that will help you create a rather specific feel and look of your packaging. You can incorporate in your design elements that embossing, metal, foil-stamping or ink. They have the tendency to give your packaging that 3D look you need.

So there you have it. You can make the most of your Custom Candle Boxes packaging by choosing a key point and working hard on it to make it appealing.

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