Custom packaging trends to look for 2020

Custom packaging trends to look for 2020

2020-06-01 12:46:31

The packaging industry is evolving with time. The design which got hype is the last decade might be nowhere to see, and things which have been overlooked for the years are becoming the top trend. Customer's perception has a huge role in setting the top custom packaging trends. In the end, it is customers who make or breaks your brand. A new year means a fresh start by keeping the valuable things of the last year. Half of 2020 has passed, but the packaging industry is still surprising us with its unique and subtle trends.

In short, the packaging trend for the year 2020 is the minimal design, less is always more. Simple and clean packaging designs have become the top trend to follow. But do you think following a single trend is enough for brands to cut the clutter? Obviously, not! To make a stronger mark in the industry, you need to consider several other packaging designs. The brand needs to connect with customers by self-expressing and by maintaining the packaging standards set for the products.

Utilizing different packaging trends will give you and your customers a premium experience. Whether you are dealing in corrugated boxes or using folding cartons, you need to take the customer perception seriously and need to follow the rising packaging design. We know not all trends are for every product, but sometimes it is worth taking a risk to get the success you have always been looking for. So, this year, be creative and start taking the risks with your packaging designs. Here are some top trends suggestions from our side.

Sustainability is not going anywhere soon

Yes, we know sustainability has been in the packaging industry for so long. But in 2020, we have seen this trend progressing and brands have started to adopt this approach for the improvement. Customers have the highest concern about the nature of the packaging boxes. When it comes to eco-friendliness and environmental waste, they want brands to take everything seriously. It doesn’t mean that you need to compromise the packaging design for the sake of sustainability.

There are some steps which you can take to play your part

  • Plastic elimination
  • Fewer carbon footprints
  • More and more upcycling
  • No void space in the boxes
  • No wastage of packaging material

You need to focus on the e-commerce

The E-commerce market is growing at a fast-paced especially in this pandemic of coronavirus. You need to grab this opportunity and should provide a smooth customer packaging experience. To make all the things right, you have to make sure that the parcel should arrive at the doorstep in the first-class condition. Not only the undamaged delivery maters, but the unboxing experience should also be ultimate. E-commerce packaging is a little different than retail packaging. You cannot use over-sized boxes, the packaging should take less space, and it should be resistant to shock. Reusable packaging is also the way to go for e-commerce trends.

Personalization is the strongest game

When you want to build a high-end reputation for your brand or want to give your sanitizer boxes the competitive edge, you need to make customers feel special. Personalized packaging solutions can be your strongest play card in the game. If you are a small brand and can't take the risk, go with shorter runs that offer great personalization. Printing has made it easy for the brand to customize the packaging with the customer's name or with a special message printed on the boxes. The advancement in the industry has made it easy for small and big brands to opt for more customized packaging boxes.

Be unique and tell a story

Anyone can have a box that offers durability and affordability. But can you tell your brand story with it? When you want to make the brand part of the packaging design, it is important to tell your brand story. Whether in the form of colors, images, strong visuals, bold graphics, and strong typography, everything should be able to communicate the message and mission behind your brand. Apart from communicating with the customers, your packaging design needs to stand out in the crowd. High-end luxury boxes should give a sense of honesty and authenticity to make their mark in customer's hearts. It is an amazing way to keep your loyal customers coming back to you.

The visual brand message, typography, and vintage design

Delivering your message through packaging has gone far from just printing the text. The message should have a visual face in the form of images, graphics, colors, and patterns. It will engage your customers at an emotional level. When it comes to the typeface trends, bold is the way to go. Bold and unique typography give your packaging a new character and look. Hand lettering and calligraphy are the new trends to follow for the packaging design. Another trend to look out is the use of vintage design elements, which always result in evoke of nostalgia.

Minimal design, customer experience, and additional options

We have already mentioned at the very start is the minimal design is the top trend to follow. No matter what the year is, the simple and clean approach will always win customer's hearts. But the minimal design is not just limited to the outside box, inside minimal print can give your customers a wow experience on the unboxing. When we are discussing the unboxing, it will be unfair not to discuss the additional options. Handwritten notes, customized tissues, pullout handles, and box wrapping are some of the trends which can set your brand apart from the rest.

Above are the few ways to design luxury sanitizer packaging for your products in 2020. It may seem a little bit difficult or tricky, but with the right help, you don't have to do it all alone. Do not afraid to do the excitements and then see what it holds for you. A sincere effort will always be rewarded with loyal customers, high product sales, and a unique brand identity.

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