Custom Packaging – Make Them Pop

Custom Packaging – Make Them Pop

2020-11-11 10:43:51

The Compelling Design to Make the Choices Pop

You just made a sale. But think about it? Was the product actually sold because of it or is there any other reason? Well, to be quite honest, the customers could not even look at the product first, then what was the one compelling thing that made them purchase the item? Well, to be fairly honest, it was the Custom Packaging. It was so compelling and inviting, the buyers just wanted to take the product home and rip the boxes open. But the truth is, the product was sold based on its appearance. In other words, it was the packaging that made the sale.

Given this reason, you need to have boxes that are a reflection of your brand and product. Because when buyers can see the interesting packaging, the appealing design, they will know whoever is behind is a reasonable and considerable brand worth investing in. But it’s not like you can make the packaging compelling quite easy. There are a lot of things that make the boxes the thing of beauty they actually are. It needs to be a reflection of the brand so that you are easily noticed in every way.

In fact, if you are planning on reinforcing the identity of your brand, the one thing you can do is have your brand’s name, logo, physical address, and website, social media URLs, and other important matter printed on the sides of the boxes.

The packaging’s dust flaps too need your attention. You can have something printed here too to amp up the appeal of your boxes. Try to infuse some style in that area. That will benefit the brand greatly. Use patterns that are on the outside of the packaging. Or maybe the colors of your brand’s logo. When the box’s interior is also paid attention to, it will make the choice far inviting, interesting and exciting. At the same time, the unboxing experience is being enhanced here.

But in saying that, there is one important thing you need to realize which is maintaining the balance. Just because you are trying to make the packaging’s inside exciting, don’t go overboard and bombard the buyers with a little too much of information or colors. It might not be enough for them to handle. But don’t leave any space blank too. That too will not be favorable.

Another key factor to look into is making the brand logo pop out. Since the logo is an integral element of the packaging design that will help the brand set apart from the rest, it needs to be highlighted in the perfect manner. Remember the time you were about to launch your company. Did you not take out all the time in the world to create that perfect looking logo? However, when it’s time that the logo needs to shine, why are you missing out on this opportunity? You need to focus on placing the logo on a rather strategic location where the logo will really be highlighted. It will shine right and pop out.

We know that you have given the outside of the boxes thorough consideration. But you should not ignore at all the inside of the boxes. Remember, as much as the outside of the packaging matters to the buyers, the inside too will mean something to them. It might not be as much as the outside, but still it will play a vital role.

Remember that the buyers are getting an amazing customer experience based on the outside of the boxes. But you can amp it up and take it to the next level. You can offer them exceptional customer experience by taking the while designing to the next level. Simply focus on the inside of the boxes too. All the factors that were used on the packaging outside can be used within as well. Keep the same patterning and texturing going on inside as well. The boxes will surely look high-end and exceptionally amazing.

In saying that, brands need to be aware of the fact that will still be the inside of the packaging. Which is why you should think of spending on it, but not as much as you will on the outside. You need to take a rather simpler path inside. You can place a thank you note within the boxes for the customers to find when they purchase your item. Or perhaps some ribbons and decorative. It can perhaps be a tissue of all the colors of your business. Usually brands might not get this but this can have a massive impact on the buyers. Moreover, it can boost the unboxing experience of the buyers too.

We will now have a look at the more practical side of the packaging boxes. So far, all we have been discussing about is the design of these boxes. But then again, brands needn’t make any mistake, the packaging’s practicality side is as equal and important. The customers will have a number of fulfillments that are to be addressed here.

Ideally, brands should focus on simplifying the boxes. They shouldn’t make the choices too complex or complicated. To figure out if the packaging is simple or not, have your team test it. Keep note of the time the team is actually taking to get the packaging boxes packed and sealed properly, and then sending them out of the warehouse doors. If the timer is longer than intended, it would be best for you to rethink the whole design of the boxes.

In fact, if you have given thorough consideration to these factors in the first place, there wouldn’t be any need of spending all this time rethinking, re-conceptualizing and redesigning the whole box. My friend, know that time is Money!

The best looking and well-designed Pre Roll Boxes are there to help brand grow their business as well as have it noticed. The boxes offer the brand the right kind of recognition. Along that, the customers find it easy to connect with your business on a rather personal level. It allows them to bond with the brand in the correct manner that will be lasting and meaningful. If you have a look around, you will be able to find inspiration all around. You need to be inspired in a way that you can bring it to the packaging and add life into them.

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