Custom Packaging – Important yet Common Features

Custom Packaging – Important yet Common Features

2020-10-29 10:18:35

Have you ever wondered what the first thing is going to be when a majority of people set their eyes on the countless products stacked up on the shelves? Or if they find in on the front doorstep of the house? Well, it’s most like a Custom Packaging box.

Remember that this box is quite often the first chance any brand will get to make an impression. Now it can be either good or bad, all depending on the packaging box.

Perhaps you are equipped with a product that is mind blowing and will give the competition a run for their money. However, when it came to the packaging itself, it was pretty lousy. To the extent that no one even bothered to look at it closer. But when those same items are placed in a quality packaging, they will easily get noticed. Not just that, they are going to double in appeal and value.

Fortunate for everyone there’s no rocket science involved in coming up with an ideally quality packaging. Moreover, there is no need to break the bank to get high-end and classy options.

We are going to discuss a couple of important elements of quality packaging options that are quite common:

The Choices Tend To Be Sturdy

Brands need to ensure in every way that their box is up to the task, regardless of whatever is being shipped. Considering that, brands should get the packaging to do one just correctly and that is ensuring the products will remain intact when they are shipped. Nothing gets damaged inside.

To begin with, a packaging that is crumpled or bent will never be strong enough. Any option that can’t hold its own shape will never be able to protect the product as well.

Bottom line being, a bashed in packaging box is never a good look

And this is only a dented box we are talking about. Imagine the kind of backlash brands can get if the packed items were to arrive all damaged or crooked.

Well, there may be a lot of factors that are out of hands once the packaging boxes are entrusted to the shipping company. In saying that, there can be a number of steps taken by the brand itself to improve the packaging’s durability.

Let’s have a look at all those ways to beef up the strength of the boxes

  • The corrugated packaging will come in every kind of thickness. From getting them in single, double or at times triple-walled boards, brands have the choice of select whichever they like. However, when it comes to the triple board that can be the most expensive of all. Which is why brands really need to justify the product price.
  • Brands need to pay full attention to the way the products are being packed. When there is plenty of extra space in the packaging boxes, they are going to be far easier to crush. Which is why brands need to pick a box that will perfectly fit the item.
  • Brands need to consider the condition of the place where these boxes are going to be stored. There are certain variables like dryness or dampness that can impact the box’s life greatly.
  • Brands can do a few simple testing on their own to figure out if the boxes will be able to stand up to certain elements. These should be done prior to handing them over to the shippers.
  • There are various companies performing drop testing involving dropping the packaging from a certain height. The boxes are dropped on several of its edges, faces and corners. This is done for the purpose of stimulating the potential abuse of the packaging boxes can face while being shipped.

The Packaging Options Have the Most Pleasing Designs

Now that the practical side of the quality packaging options has been discussed, we will take into consideration the appearance of these. They also need to look appealingly amazing.

Just think about it! Have you ever come across a packaging box that is bold and colorful, and it has the right urge and appeal to make the customers purchase the item based on the option alone itself? Well, if I talk about myself, then definitely I’m guilty of that charge. It was based on the presentation that mattered greatly. Even though it was just a box.

Every brand, therefore, needs to work on the packaging in a way that it should be a standout. It needs to be inspired. It needs to make an impression. Whoever looks at the packaging should remember it for years to come.

When a design is memorable, eye-popping, exciting and alluring, then it can be the ideal thing to promote the brand. In fact, it’s best for drawing in new buyers and at the same time, keep the regulars happy.

So, we are going to take a rather closer look at all those things that will go in this quality packaging design:

Color: When brands are trying to find easy and humble ways of invoking the buyer’s mood, then they need to try different colors. For that bold look, brands can use bright, shiny and vibrant colors. On the other hand, if they want to represent sophistication and elegance, they need to go for more softer or muted tones. Mainly, the colors that are selected will be based on the kind of vibes brands are trying to convey to the buyers. There is a company name Graze sending out snack boxes. It went for colors that were vibrant and bold like electric blue and hot pink. These colors suggest energy and zeal.

Eye-catching and enticing artwork: Those brands that think that having a full-blown picture of the all-famous Mona Lisa on their packaging box will get them the right kind of attention and be noticed, then they are wrong here. Brands just need to bring a little artistic flair to the packaging to add that mild level of zing to the packaging. The boxes can be as simple as a few geometric shapes or chevron stripe. Birch box is a beauty subscription packaging service. It send outs the most unique, different, elegantly beautiful, sophisticatedly amazing designed packaging boxes every month.

Memorable copy: When a copy is clever or humorous, it will always get noticed.

Shape: Now, in most of the instances, the packaging boxes will be a rectangular shape option. However, sometimes it would make complete sense to use a blend or mix up the whole thing. Perhaps you might think of using different shapes to accommodate the item that needs to be packed inside perfect. Or perhaps the goal is to make a memorable statement. However, if the purpose is to ship item, then you should only stick to the conventional shapes for the Cardboard Packaging that are tried and test. Cylinder and rectangular are just to name a few.

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