Custom Packaging – Difference between Online and Offline Experience

2022-07-27 18:37:48

Custom Packaging

Holiday season is the busiest time of the year. And this is the time when major manufacturers and businesses can make the most income. If we have a look at statistics, brands bag nearly 20-30% of the total sales of the year during this time alone. This is one of those times when a huge number of people are shopping gifts for their close loving family and friends. In fact, this is one of those purchases that means a lot to the customers. Because they are looking forward to making their family and friends happy. Considering that, when brands add the right Holiday Cheer to their Custom Packaging, the customers get what they are looking for. Because this addition takes the product and packaging to the next level awesomeness.

Custom Packaging Difference for Offline and Online World

We already know the impact Custom Packaging makes, especially during this time. However, there is one thing brands do need to realize. There is a difference between the kind of experience the customers will get in the both worlds – offline and online – when it comes to unboxing. Therefore, designing the packaging in accordance to that is a must. With that, we are going to have a look at how this should be done.

Custom Packaging offering Offline Experiences for Shopping

Have you ever shopped at a Brick and Mortars store? They are going to offer the Holiday packaging as part of their services this time of the year. And if they are not offering the additional festive Custom Packaging for free, they are going to charge a fairly low price for it. The customers won’t even feel this price. But at least they will get the festive packaging they deserve.

Cartridge Packaging

Loading the Cartridge Packaging with Holiday Cheer

At times the brands themselves will add the Holiday touch to their packaging. And sometimes the festivities come along with the packaging in the form of additional embellishment. But for the store itself, it will add a bit of cheer and joy to the original wrapping to make the Cartridge Packaging festive. Their goal is to spread the love, joy and cheer of Christmas with their shoppers. Which is why they are going to add a lot of cheery embellishments including ribbons and laces. However, they do realize this unboxing experience is something the buyers are actually quite fond of, unknowingly. But how will brands benefit from this?

Cartridge Packaging need to be Functional and Striking

The thing brands can do is combine remarkable and striking designs with functionality, if of course the main channel for selling items is through the retail stores. The brands need to focus on giving their buyers a Cartridge Packaging that won’t require any additional wrapping. The packaging choice, on its own, is alluring, remarkably amazing and outstanding. How about a constructional makeover for the purpose? You can make the flaps simple, yet at the same time magnetic. Or the bottom can be sliding. Or you can go with a design that is super memorable. Just give the customers their most desired unboxing experience, unknowingly.

How the Online Experience works with Cartridge Packaging

Now we will have a close look into the world of e-Commerce. These items are not displayed on any stores. Usually the brands will ship these when there is a purchase. Therefore, the main concern here for the brands would be the safety of the items. The brands worry about the products reaching the customers safely and securely. But this isn’t the only thing they should be worrying about in our experience. While safety is a key matter, but this doesn’t mean you have the right of neglecting the buyers the most desired and awaited experience they yearn for dearly. Yes, we are talking about the unboxing experience. The customers will sometimes purchase an item just to get that experience. Therefore, brands needn’t neglect offer that through the Cartridge Packaging.

CBD Packaging

The Horrible Mistakes of Amazon with its CBD Packaging

Let’s have a look at what the King of e-Commerce Amazon has been doing over the last few years. It has been making this mistake over and over that has actually led to a lot of Christmases being ruined. There are so many people complaining about sending items that were not in any cheerful or seasonal CBD Packaging. They have actually claimed of their Christmas being ruined because of this. They say the company did not bother to deliver the items in the Holiday Spirit. In fact, a number of the recipients stated this act by the e-Commerce Giant as ‘Grinch who stole the Christmas’. The business did not offer the customers the unboxing experience they were so looking forward to.

Amazon’s Approach to its CBD Packaging Follies

Well, if we have a look at how Amazon deals with such situations. Well, to be honest it only focused on the logistic aspects of making sales. They are not thinking about spreading any joy, cheer or festivity with the world. Considering that, online retailers need to be extra careful when it comes to offering seasonal packaging. And if you do not have the means of spending on Holiday CBD Packaging, at least you can add in a bit of details. That ought to make the difference. But brands need to at least do something.

Here’s one thing that you need to realize. The unboxing experience is one of the coolest and hippest thing of today. Which is why the experience isn’t limited to only big players or major corporations in the industry. Smaller brands too can make the most out of these choices. They can come up with the most idealistic and fantastic ways of surprising their buyers.

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