Custom Kraft Boxes – The 5 Factors to Look For

Custom Kraft Boxes – The 5 Factors to Look For

2019-12-12 06:49:29

Every company you will come across is either thinking of switching to customized boxes or have already done that. There is a valid reason to why most of the companies are doing so. The custom Kraft boxes are usually made of Kraft or cardboard. We are all familiar with cardboard but the Kraft material is main sack papers. This paper material has been used for over decades now. The material offers one of the most lightweight, affordable, stylish, and durable options for packaging products of every type, almost. Now these boxes are created in a way that the flexibility and toughness is reduced to the maximum. Yet at the same time, the process ensures that the packaging boxes will be able to hold their shape from dint and stains during shipping. Also, the boxes can look great for a long time. These boxes are the ultimate solution to all your strong packaging needs.

Now that you know how important these boxes are, when you have them customized specifically for your brand with your company name, logo and other related content, they become the most ideal choice that you can choose for a variety of products. However, since not all boxes are the same, you need to take into consideration 5 most crucial factors that will ensure you are happy with the end product, and you can bound to be a hit.

Complete Customized Option

You need a box that offers the entire package. You can’t just slap on a sticker with your logo on the side and you’re ready to go. Nor do you need a single color of boxes. When we say the package, we mean complete choice of customized which includes you having a wide range of color choices. Also, you being able to have your logo and company name imprinted along with other stuff. The box should be able to depict that it’s specifically made for your brand and no one else.

A Wide Selection of Shapes and Sizes

Since you can use a Kraft box for a myriad of appealing and unique products, whichever company you choose as your supplier should be able to offer different shapes and sizes of the packaging option. Moreover, they need to offer these shapes, styles, and sizes in different designs from which you can choose to match your product. If you come across suppliers of cardboard boxes USA offering limited options, you need to keep on with your search.

The Choice of Card Stock or Corrugated

Although we know that Kraft paper is a very strong material to use for packaging. Yet, there are times when you require a little more sturdiness than actually used. In times like these, the best option to choose from is corrugated Kraft material. This material, because of its two-ply construction essentially, offers that extra toughness that you need. While there are times when you need a lighter option. The Kraft card stock is ideal in this regard.

Recyclable Material

Mainly, the Kraft material is reusable and recyclable. This material can be disposed 100%. This way, you are committed both to your brand as well as Mother Nature – the earth.

Styling Options

You should have a supplier being able to offer cardboard custom boxes with different styling options. For instance, they need to offer boxes with windows on them that displays the products inside. Or the pillow style which are very popular.

Now that you know the many things that you need to look for while searching for the best Kraft cardboard boxes, is there anything you’re hoping for?

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