Custom Cardboard Boxes – Make The Right Impression

Custom Cardboard Boxes – Make The Right Impression

2019-12-11 05:53:51

It's very important for you to pack your products right. Because you need to make the best impression in the market. We don’t have to explain that you have to put up against a fierce competition. To make your mark, to set a firm foot or to survive, you need to attract customers to your product. Now, you simply cannot do that easily. There are hundreds of other similar products in the market and the customer can choose from the lot. Then how to make the buyer choose yours? What’s so special about your product that they should buy yours instead of other brands? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself. But I believe you already have the answer to it too. Its custom cardboard boxes that you have packed your products in. These packaging material are the deciding factor. But then again, it's not the material but the actual design itself.

So let’s see what these packaging options can do for your brand, and what should be done to make things right. First let’s have a look at the things you ought to do for your packaging that will make the best impression on your customers.

One of the most important classic tests in marketing is ensuring that your packaging passes the five-year-old-test. What it means is that your packaging should be clear and simple. Even when a five year old looks at the packaging of your product, it should be able to understand what the item is for. Also, it should be easily able to detect the product up on the shelves just by looking at the packaging. Let’s take into consideration Mr. Clean. It's one of the most recognizable and iconic figures. When a five year old tries to find this product on the shelves, it has absolutely no difficulty in doing so. But is it really that important to get into the heads of an adolescent? And the answer would have to be yes! Kids are mainly attracted to visuals and that is exactly what they focus on. So it's quite simple. Your packaging needs to have an iconic look.

The second key factor to look into is turning to the most iconic designs for inspiration. But if you think that would be claimed as stealing, then you are wrong. You are just looking at some of the most famous brands in the market to get some ideas, some inspiration, some creativity. As long as you don’t steal their ideas and designs, you are fine. You need to take their ideas as a way to come up with new ones. Add your own spin to their designs to come up with something totally new and refreshing. Take Coca Cola for instance. It is a multinational company that is still worth $74 billion. Despite being here for nearly 127 years, the company still has what it takes to compete. But why? And exactly how? If you have question in mind, then the simple answer is the packaging of the product has unique symphony of some of the best elements of design.

Let’s take the design in consideration. Look at the color it uses; Red. It stimulates excitement. The font on the packaging is classic and is fulfills all the purpose of the beautifully shaped bottle. If you pay close attention, the font – white in color – appeals to both adults and kids alike. However, the packaging is backed by the product and its superior quality too. Know that both elements are equally important in a business.

However, Coca Cola has tried to stay up to date too with its design. Which is why it hasn’t lost its touch.

Now apply the same rules with Custom Candle Boxes and you will see results like never before. All you have to do is make sure you test your packaging for results and keep it to the latest trends and you will see how your brand improves its image, increases the value of its products and be a favorite of all in no time.

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