Custom Boxes With Logo – These Reasons Make Packaging Important

Custom Boxes With Logo – These Reasons Make Packaging Important

2019-12-11 05:45:15

Custom Boxes With Logo – These Reasons Make Packaging Important

Are you one of those who thinks packaging is just packaging? And it’s really the product that matters? Are you really sure about that? If you are a business owner and thinking like that, then I probably have news for you. That’s you have set yourself up for complete failure. Because the product packaging plays an equal role in the selling of your product. In many cases, it’s the packaging itself on which the decision of buying the product was based. Customers first pay attention to the packaging then the product. So therefore, you need to pay close attention to your custom boxes with logo.

There are many things that can be communicated through the packaging of the product. It starts from what the product is there for, what it can do for the customers to all the deep enrooted values your company holds. It’s a way people connect to your brand. It’s a way they get to find out about your company and its products. There are many out there who would even argue the fact that both packaging and product are equally as important because the casing is a crucial communication and marketing tool for your brand. Therefore, it’s high time you think about your brand’s packaging needs. For that, you can consider the following important factors we have lined up for you.

You Have a Weapon to Differentiate Yourself from Competition

As you already know, there will be hundreds of products like yours on the market, all of them vying for attention of the customers.  Studies show that nearly a third of customers base their decision making solely on the packaging of the product. So if you wish to be successful, your packaging should be such that standouts from the competition, is unique, appealing, and totally different from what your rival is coming up with as their casing.

But it’s best that you do not go overboard with the whole idea. It needs to be unique of course. But when you overdo stuff, it tends to drive people away. What you need to do here is come up with a packaging idea that is the perfect representation of your product. For instance, if you have introduced orange flavored chocolate, you can make the sweet in the shape of the fruit and make it seem like it with an orange packaging. Terry’s Chocolate Orange is the perfect representation of what we are talking about here. You can try that out too.

But we are not saying that the product packaging should be similar to what’s inside. It’s an idea you can try, if it’s workable. Otherwise, both should blend perfectly. The colors, the images, content, information; everything should be in balance. For instance, your baby diapers should say what it is. It should not give the illusion that it’s something else for the baby. People should be able to tell what’s inside the package just by looking at it.

Colors on Packaging Sway Customer’s Purchasing Habits

So the colors that you use in your packaging, these also key a vital role the decision making of your customers. The brain, it reacts differently to different colors. It has its own way of reacting to colors of different type. With this in mind, it’s very much important for you to choose colors that will blend perfectly with the product for your packaging.

Let’s break it down for you in simple words;

•    A white packaging is conveying safety, purity and simplicity all at the same time.
•    If you wish for your packaging to be playful, you can go with light blue.
•    For a more professional feel, dark navy blue is your ‘go-to’.
•    To spread out some hope and happiness, you should try to embed yellow color in your packaging.
•    Red tends to excite. It also sends out loving vibes.
•    For those who use natural products should opt for green because it represents the same.

So that’s how you do things. Colors are evoking different feelings and emotions. So play your cards well here.

However, experts are of the opinion that you should probably stick to a couple colors or maybe three but not more than that. Because they feel the more you keep on adding to your packaging design, the less you are making it sophisticated. They are also of the opinion that since blue is one of those colors that is liked the most all around the globe, that doesn’t make it appropriate that you use the same in your packaging all the time. It somehow may not match or blend. The best thing you can do is studying your key demography before coming down with a color scheme for your custom vape cartridge packaging box.

Using Your Packaging Are Your Ultimate Marketing Tool

If it’s hard for you to find an effective marketing strategy, then why not use your packaging for a change. It’s a relatively effective tool for marketing and you will be easily noticeable in the market and up on the shelves. All you have to do is incorporate your logo in the packaging, and that you ideally. It needs to be in that perfect position where it can be spotted easily. Like the center of the packaging, or front. That’s what most famous brands do. And that’s why they are s easily recognized. They want their shoppers to easily identity them.

Think about it this way. The packaging that you create will be saying a lot about your brand and the product inside. So make sure it communicates correctly.

Your Brand Will Get the Recognition It Deserves

Just take a little time out and think about all those brands that you love. Why do you love them so much? What’s the one thing that is so common in them that they become your favorite? The simple answer is they are memorable.

Take the Example of Pepsi or Coke. They have been around for decades. But have you noticed any change in their logo or design? Maybe a little but nothing major. And they have always been super memorable. The reason these brands succeed is they stay true to their original design and look. And that’s all that matters to them. So why don’t you do the same for your vape cartridge box packaging.

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