Custom Boxes Wholesale – Are They Really That Necessary?

Custom Boxes Wholesale – Are They Really That Necessary?

2019-12-11 12:22:13

Packaging is only something you wrap your products in, right? Because really, it's the product that is really important, not the packaging. Well, that is something you need to think again because packaging is more than just a material you wrap your products in. As a business owner, you are doing it all wrong if you are thinking like that. In fact, you are all set for failure. You need to realize that packaging has a very important role to play because consumers base their decisions on packaging. But it does more than that. Mainly when a consumer looks at a Custom Boxes Wholesale and packaging, and is excited by it, the person will immediately think of buying it because the box has a certain type of appeal to it which is making the customer like the product.

Brand owners need to know that the packaging can do a lot for them. It's a way of communicating a lot of things to the customers. The packaging can tell customers what the packed product can do for you. Because you cannot understand that by the packaging itself. But when you have details related to the product printed on the box, customers will definitely know what’s inside and how it can help them. Similar, a good packaging tells the world the values that you hold. Bad packaging and poor quality material means that you really don’t care about what the customers think and the kind of impression it will leave on them. But when you opt for high quality packaging, it means your values are high and so are the standards of your product.

While there are many out there that would argue that the packaging is equally as important as the product itself, there are many others who think that packaging is far a crucial thing than the product because that’s the first thing the customers look at. The thing is, both of them hold equal importance. But in certain cases, the packaging being slightly better than the quality of the product can make a slight better impression. That said, it's a pivotal marketing and communication tool for any business, therefore, considering the following factors will only benefit you.

When your product is in an attempt in vying the attention of the customer among thousand similar goods, your packaging needs to be striking. It needs to have that impression that the customer is compelled to buy it just by looking at the packaging. There are many studies that actually show that a large number of people base their purchasing decisions solely on the  packing of the product. But that said, you need to make the custom box design of packaging a standout in the crowd and make it easy for the customers to recognize you as a brand. Take Captain Morgan for instance. They launched a product by the name Cannon Blast. They packed it in a contain that was not-so-standard. The bottle, designed and shaped like a cannon ball, actually portrayed the product very well. It has an eye-catching appeal to it and was completely different to what the competitors were coming up with.

Colors too are another feature that play a huge role is the purchasing decision of customers. Colors appeal to customers in a different way. And our brain reacts to different colors in certain different and unique ways too. It is highly necessary that you choose colors carefully. Let’s look at what different colors can reflect. A white colored packaging means there is safety, simplicity, and purity that is being convey to the customers. On the other hand, blue has many different meanings that are being conveyed. While if you have sky blue, this can reflect playful features, but if you go with navy blue, it gives a more professional look and feel. Blue is one of the most liked color all across the globe. However, it doesn’t mean that you should go about using blue because people love it. Anyway, bold colors reflect excitement like red, yellow, orange.

But in saying that, there are many experts out there of the opinion that the color of the packaging can also throw away the customers. If you add too many colors in just one packaging, experts believe that it will drive customers away because the wrapping won’t look as simple and sophisticated.

In simple words, before you choose a color, you need to study your demography that you are about to target.

Careful study of your market and thorough thinking will only get you where you want to be in the market. If you ignore that, there is a huge chance people will not like your Vape, jewelry, cosmetic or candle boxes wholesale. You need to make an impression; you need to make a difference. Not only for your product but for your company too. That’s the only way to do things, making your packaging worth the while and every penny of spent by the customer.

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