Custom Boxes – The Unboxing Strategy

Custom Boxes – The Unboxing Strategy

2020-10-27 08:07:58

Wondering how the unboxing strategy can help the brand? Well, we will tell you all the reasons to why brands should work on their Custom Boxes keeping the unboxing technique in mind.

Make the Packaging Design Appealing and Exciting

A dull, boring and unexcited packaging will never do well for the brand. Because as soon as buyers look at the box, they regret ever looking at the options. The design being so unappealing practically kills their shopping mood. That is why they just don’t want to look at anything that will bore them or purchase an item in such.

Given that factor, brands really need to work on their packaging design. They need to add all those elements that are exciting, appealing, attractive and fun. At the same time, brands should ensure they have a sophisticatedly elegant and simple packaging box. Nothing too fancy nor dull. Because overdoing anything can go against the brand. When they add too much too the packaging, that too kills the mood. Buyers need a packaging that will excite them about the product inside. They need something that can grab their attention. They need a box that will make them go jumpy about the product. Because it’s the product they are after in real. Not the packaging. But then again, when the packaging is exciting and appealing, their unboxing experience is boost. Overdone, and the experience is ruined. Underdone too will kill the excitement and joy. That is why the design needs to be enticing, appealing, attractive and full of joy.

Make the Design Memorable and Full Of Feelings

A good design will tap into the emotions and feelings of the buyers. For instance, as soon as the buyer looks at the design, it reminds the person of a fond memory or a feeling that is very dear. This way, when the buyer will purchase the item and unbox it, this person is definitely going to be excited about it as well. Given the fact, the consumer know it will bring back the same feeling or emotion it is feeling right now. This is why brands need to think of a design that is memorable and will leave a lasting impression on the minds of the buyer. At the same time, it should be able to tap into those emotions and feelings the buyers hold dear.

For instance, a buyer looks at the packaging and can picture itself with the product that is inside. If the product is candles, for example, the buyer needs to picture itself holding a cake with those candles on it. The buyer needs to fully feel these emotions so that the product and prospect of unboxing it makes the person excited about it.

The Packaging Needs To Be Fully Customized and Personalized

What if a buyer unboxes a tiny product to find out that it was wrapped up in a gigantic box, they will not be pleased with it. They want to see the product in a packaging that is the ideal size of it. At the same time, buyers need to know who they are purchasing the item from. That is the reason why brands need to customize the packaging in accordance to the size and shape of the product. At the same time, there needs to be every bit of detail and information on the packaging about the product as well as brand.

The Boxes Need To Be Loaded With Features and Trends

A packaging that has no features, no trends, in other words nothing the buyers like to see in it will be a failed choice. When a buyer purchases an item from a particular brand, be it known that it’s not just because of the item. Or the manufacturer being it’s favorite. But it’s also about the packaging as well. In fact, about 80% of the decision to purchase the item was made because of the packaging. So if the packaging doesn’t have any features the buyers want, if the packaging is not trendy or classy, they will not want to buy the item.

This is the reason why brands need to think of a packaging that has all the best features in it. Their packaging should be something when the buyers look at, they feel it’s meant for them. The buyers will, this way, feel wanted and desirable. Because the brand is incorporating all those features the buyers want to see in the packaging. At the same time, the business has created a design that is trendy and classy. Something to soothe the eyes.

The Packaging Needs To Be a Perfect Representation of the Item

A good packaging design is one that will represent the product inside. Because if the buyers purchases an item thinking as sugar and finds out salt inside, it can ruin the whole experience. Buyers purchase an item not only for that but also because they are looking forward to unboxing it. However, when the packaging is not a clear reflection of the item, the buyers will not only be confused about it but they might feel cheated as well. Because they will think the brand is trying to mislead them.

This is why brands need to make a design that will be the perfect reflection of the item. The buyers will know what they are buying. And they will be at peace.

Social Media Platforms Are Ideal For Promoting

When a packaging is amazing, it will be ideal to promote the product on social media. Because when influencers unbox the product in front of its fans, everyone is going to look at it and see the amazing packaging the item is packed in. Brands should, therefore, make the most exciting and amazing Pre Roll Counter Boxes that will enhance the joy of the one unboxing it. But at the same time, the ones looking at the unboxing experience are too intrigued to feel the same. And therefore wish to purchase the item.

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