Custom Boxes Design and Practical Details

Custom Boxes Design and Practical Details

2020-10-28 10:56:53

Box Design Practicalities

Don’t just take design as anything common. It’s more than just a pretty look. That is why, as a brand, you need to keep in mind every practical aspect of the packaging design. At the same time, you need to take into account how the Custom Boxes packaging will play into the consumer’s overall shopping and unboxing experience.

However, when it comes to the physical design of the box, you need to take into account all those necessities that are more than mundane. What are the items being shipped to start with. When it comes to shipping a block of cheese or a t-shirt, it is going to be completely different than that of a breakable statue or ornate.

That is why you will need the packaging boxes to be strong and durable. The options should be able to protect whatever is packed inside. Perhaps a custom-top-fold packaging box that has insets will be ideal in cushioning the goods. But at the same time, the choice will display the items in the most pleasing manner.

Perhaps you are shipping items that are perishable. If that is the case, then the inner packaging design should have a way that will keep the items cold inside. Maybe as a brand, you manufacture items that are oddly shaped. When shipping these, that can also be a hard challenge. Everything will account into the final shipping cost from the shape of the packaging, its dimensions, size and weight.

While we are still on the packaging design, let’s take into consider the important aspect of distribution and storage. That should be easy as well. There needn’t be any obligation of you storing a bunch of packaging boxes that are oddly shaped. Because such boxes may be cumbersome and will definitely waste plenty of space.

The pesky budget matter is always there too. Often brands are aiming at keeping the cost down. That is why brands try to cut corners. They somehow compromise the packaging itself. Well, that is just not the right thing to do. It would be best if the brands are trying to keep cost in limits, they need to not go overboard with the use of patterns, textures and colors. Or maybe they need to tone down the intricacy of the whole packaging design. Because if they do, the cost will pump up massively.

There are a number of technical aspects too of the design that need to be kept in mind. When the design is printed, it should look good at all cost. Therefore, before sending it, it would be best to check the requirements of your file that is going to be compatible with the printing shop. However, if you are not sure of the needed requirements, then its best you get in touch with custom printing suppliers and companies for some viable advice.

Aim for Excitement

Designs that are dull or boring will never be able to allure buyers. But do you, as a brand, are getting what’s really happening here? Because of your unappealing and unattractive packaging, it’s the product that is being rejected by the buyers. Your product and brand itself are becoming a failure in the eyes of the buyers and not the actual packaging itself. But the packaging is causing you all this trouble.

Which is why brand really need to consider the design being exciting and attractive. They need to consider factors the following way while designing the packaging:

  • Are you liking what you are seeing – from a buyer’s point of view?
  • Are you getting excited by the packaging?
  • Does the packaging design remind you of old fond memories?
  • Is the design tapping into your deepest emotions and feelings?

Using Patterns

Patterns are an amazing way of adding the right kind of interest to the packaging design.

Ideally, brands need to try out different things like polka dots that are of different sizes for that little whimsy. Or perhaps a classical striped pattern that can appeal to the conservative side of the buyers. Or maybe it can be a trendy chevron pattern that gives a rather youthful look.

You needn’t be afraid of getting a bit creative with the packaging design.

Ideally it would be best for the brands to check out what their competition is up to. That will give them an idea of what’s working, what’s in trends and the things to avoid. But be wary of not blatantly copying anyone. Seeing the designs of the rivals is just one ideal way of getting those creative juices flowing.

Brands can make due use of Social Media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest because these virtual troves are the best hub to get inspired.

Making Use of Colors

Colors are perhaps the most ideal way of promoting the identity of the brand. At the same time, these can evoke a certain mood board. But most importantly, the packaging design with the right color selection will enhance the overall packaging design and wrapping itself.

There are a number of different emotions the customers are likely to experience. It will largely depend on the packaging colors that you select. For instance, yellow is one of those colors that is considered to make people happy. While if we talk about blue, it sends out calming vibes.

You definitely need to bring into consideration all those feelings that you want people to experience when they set eyes on your packaging.

It’s Time to Kick Start Designing

So what’s the wait? It’s time to step into the world of designing and be creative. It’s time to have some fun. Because when these are done right, the packaging might become one of those unboxing experiences the buyer is going to remember for years to come.

You need to start things by using your brand’s logo on the outside of your Cardboard Boxes. The logo can be printed digitally and directly on the boxes. Or perhaps you can invest in the logo stickers for the choices. Even a stamp would be ideal. But it’s all about doing the right thing.

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