Custom Boxes and Wrapping Your Candles Perfectly in Them

Custom Boxes and Wrapping Your Candles Perfectly in Them

2019-12-11 13:10:05

Most of the manufacturers of candles would be terrified with the thought of moving their products from one place to the other. They are just so sensitive. But thank God for custom boxes. They are a God-sent for such products that are too delicate and can damage with the slight jerk. But here’s another thing. You need to ensure the candles reach their destination safely. Which is why we have lined up some times that will allow you to do so.

Read along to find out how you can pack the candles properly and move them from one place to the other.

The Tips for Packaging

If you have a large number of candles at home, and the type of the product, you will need to take some time out in order to correctly pack them. Here is one more thing you need to consider. Also, you should try to keep all the things you will be needing for packing the candles at one place; all of them together. This will only cut down your work and time.

So here’s how you start

  • Gather all the candles you have around the house and organize them. You need to organize them in a way that you have all the same sized and shaped ones in bundles. This will also help you in correctly labeling the candles when you put them in their boxes. You can also ensure this way which room you want the candles to be placed. Moving with a clearer head is the best way to go forward to a new location.
  • The next thing you can do is wrap candles individually. One in each packaging paper. This will ensure they don’t damage during their transit. Take out a large piece of paper, lay it on a smooth, flat surface and place the candle on one side. Now start rolling gently inwards, but at the same time, you need to make sure it’s wrapping up tightly enough. Now just tape it when you reach the other end. Make sure you tape each side perfectly so the packing doesn’t open up.
  • Those candles that are in a bubble wrap need to be packed in bubble wrap. This will not only ensure the product being safe but also you. You can avoid several injuries if the glass breaks. You can follow the same process like you did for the other candles; by laying out bubble wrap and rolling the candle starting from one end.
  • Now it’s time for custom gift boxes in which you will be placing the candles. You can add layers of packing paper at the bottom for cushioning, or if you have any old newspaper around the house, those will also do. This is an additional protection for the product as delicate. But don’t stuff the box with it. You still need enough space to put in the candles.
  • Now tightly pack the boxes that have your candles in it. You need to pack it good, we get that, but over-packing is never a good thing. It can make the box a little too heavy to pick. For that, adding more newspaper of packing paper will do. There is a layer in between the products ensuring safety all the way.
  • Now it’s time to seal the Candle Boxes before you move them on to the truck or vehicle. Use tops of tape of properly seal the box. You don’t want it to open up while you pick it. So it should have lot of tape on both ends. This ends the sealing process and now the moving process begins.
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