Creating the Right Kraft Boxes

Creating the Right Kraft Boxes

2021-01-22 07:41:34

Creating the Right Kraft Boxes

If you’re a start-up cosmetic brand and you don’t know what to do when it comes to packaging your products, then you need not worry! We’ve got you covered! Most businesses, on their initial stages, fail to boost their sales, and promote their product in the market. Although it might seem highly unlikely to you, but the reason for this is the failure of developing appropriate packaging for their products.

Kraft Boxes for Cosmetic Industry

Businesses tend to focus more on the quality of their products rather than its enclosure. This isn’t the right approach for you. What these businesses do is that they fail to realise the role packaging plays in the advertisement and promotion of the product. Kraft Boxes are like a walking billboard, advertising the product within! Therefore it is very important to consider the right type of design, shape, and size of your product packaging.

Is Kraft a Good Material for Makeup Products Enclosure?

While researching about cosmetic containers, you might have come across the term ‘Kraft stock’. Kraft is basically a lightweight material used instead of fancy materials such as cardstock, or paperboard etc. The reason why it is so popular these days is because of its non-polluting properties. Kraft isn’t just perfect to give your products a rusty look, but it even has several other benefits that businesses might overlook. Kraft has the following properties:

  • It is biodegradable.
  • A lightweight material which makes it easier for handling.
  • It is very affordable compared to other box material options such as cardstock etc.
  • It is highly customisable and perfect if you want a rustic look.
  • It shows customers that you care about the environment.
  • It can be recycled to make other boxes.

Things to Consider in Cosmetic Boxes

Before we get to the reasons why most designs fail to impress customers, let’s take a look at the essential information that you must possess in order to choose the right kind of Cosmetic Boxes for your product. Here’s a list of aspects that must be considered when selecting packaging for your cosmetics:

1.    Creativity in Designing

When skimming through options on a shelf in a store, the first thing customers look at is the design. This means your packaging is what makes a first impression on your customer. If it isn’t very attractive, your first impression could be your last! But what is the definition of ‘attractive’? By attractive we mean, unique. The design that you choose should be bold, and unique so that it draws the customer to your product. Also, you must keep in mind that a customer will judge your item’s worth based on the uniqueness of outlook. You can judge from this, the importance of good outlook for marketing of a product as well.

2.    It must serve as protection for what’s inside

The role of packaging isn’t just confined to impressing your customers on the basis of its ‘appearance’. A product’s box must also keep the product inside safe. How? The first thing you need to ensure the safety of your product is the right-sized box. This means that the box shouldn’t be too tiny for the product, neither should it be too large. The reason for this is, when the box is of the right size, it holds your product in place and restricts movement. This prevents it from moving about inside your box while it’s being juggled during delivery. Hence, this prevents it from damage during handling.

3.    Distinctive Presentation

In order to capture your customer’s attention, you must make sure that your box’s presentation is not like the typical packing you’ll find everywhere. By using dazzling fonts, colour schemes, and graphics, you can convince your customer to buy your product. You can use graphics that your customers can connect to, emotionally. You could even use catchy slogans, and information to attract your customers. For example, you could display instructions on how to use the product on your package. For creams, you could show a picture of a woman applying your product to their face, hands, etc.

4.    What Material to Use?

In order to select the best packaging, the material is also one thing that you need to take into account. Cosmetic containers are often made from a variety of different materials. For example, Kraft, paperboard, cardboard, and even cardstock. You can get creative when it comes to choosing the material. When using cardstock, you could engrave your logo on the box and give it a matte or glossy finish. On the other hand, instead of giving it such a refined look you could go rough with Kraft stock with just your logo printed onto the box.

Eye-Catching Pre Roll Boxes for Display

The reason why brands tend to use Kraft is because they want to show customers that they care about the environment. This isn’t just to ‘impress customers but to also attract them towards your brand. Since a lot of companies don’t use sustainable solution, consumers are now looking for alternatives. If you use Kraft, they will switch to using your product. The best part is, if they like your product, you will be able to build brand loyalty! However, you must also keep in mind the other factors mentioned above to run a successful business campaign! For design parameters you can use it for making displays as well which are mostly used as Pre Roll Boxes for placing on top of the counters.

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