Cost-effective ways to the premium display boxes

Cost-effective ways to the premium display boxes

2020-06-10 07:58:00

It is not easy to make your product get noticed in the retail stores, especially when you are new or a small brand. There are hundreds of choices available for customers in the stores, and the only thing which can make your pop is the product packaging. The main goal of the brands in retail is to get more and more sales. Custom display boxes can help your product to get the much-needed attention. Display packaging boxes hold the product with style and make customers give an eye. So, when you want to do something unique with retail packaging, you must choose a display box over other solutions.

Displays, when designed in the right way, meet all the packaging requirements. Till now you have read most of the blogs about the importance and benefits of retail-ready boxes, but what about the design and visual appeal of the boxes? Can you use an ordinary plain cardboard box at the counter-tops? You know the answer!

Research shows that big brands invest a large portion of their budget into product packaging. The appearance of the box can give you a competitive advantage at your affordability. If you are a small brand and doesn't have the budget to spend on the retail display packaging, it is time to give a read to some of the cost-effective ways to design premium display packaging for the retail stores.

Use paperboard instead of rigid boxes

We all know that rigid boxes provide the needed protection and offer durability, but it can cost you big time. Display packaging boxes usually reside on the counters, and customers only take the product with them. So, there is no need to spend so much on the rigid boxes. You can easily go with paperboard for the retail boxes. It is affordable and offers great quality. You can customize the shape, style, and design of the boxes, it will still cost you less than the rigid box.

Focus on the design elements

Retail packaging is all about customizing and personalization to grab the customer’s attention. Choose the right printing technique and a professional manufacturer to get the lavish design for your display packaging boxes. The best thing is that you don't have to pay any extra charges for it. If you want to make the packaging more luxurious, you can still get it without crossing the budget. Many packaging manufacturers offer an affordable price for their services. Minimal design is another option you can consider to go with the latest packaging trends. It will add sophistication and class to the packaging.

Choose the smaller size

The smaller the box, the better it will be for you.  For the retail counter display boxes, always choose a smaller size. It will not only cost less but also help to produce less packaging waste. Displays are usually there for small items like chocolates, jewelry, small cosmetic items, and candies. If you opt for large boxes, there will always be some unused space. It will also help to cut the extra shipping charges. Always pay attention to what product you are going to display in the boxes, take product dimensions precisely. It will help you to make a better choice.

Make use of colors instead of print

Small brands and homemade businesses usually compromise on the premium boxes and opt for a simple design. If you can't afford print and customization, you can use the best yet impactful trick to get a quality display packaging for products. Smart use of colors can make your box highlight of the retail store. If your brand or products has some signature colors, skip on the printing and get the box in solid colors with your logo printed. The colors should be on the outside as well as inside of the box for the ultimate un-boxing. If you don't want a full-color box, make the colors a part of the design.

Being sustainable will help

Sustainability is all about reducing the extra packaging material and waste. Being a sustainable brand help to cut the cost, and it also provides you an extra edge over the competition. The less packaging you will use, the more you will be able to save. Eco-friendly display packaging is not only good for the bottom line of your business, but it will also make a positive impact on the customers. Use a display box made of cardboard, paperboard, and Kraft. It will reduce the shipping cost, packaging cost, and also eliminate environmental waste. It will be a WIN-WIN situation. Eco-friendly bath bomb packaging is a perfect example of sustainability.

Think about the final touches

Final touches are an important part of designing a premium display packaging. We are talking about the finishing and additional options, which can give your product a high-end look. UV coating, matte and gloss finishing, embossing, and stamping are some of the fishing options which you can use to have a luxurious display box. If you are thinking about the high cost, it as affordable as simple printing. Many packaging manufacturers offer affordable prices and also give special discounts on bulk orders.  Apply the treatment of your choice to give the finest feel and texture to the boxes.

Product packaging is a vital part of sales and marketing. So, it should always be on point. The above tips can help to create the display packaging for bath bomb containers and other products as well.

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