Considering These Practical Variable When Creating Custom Cardboard Packaging

Considering These Practical Variable When Creating Custom Cardboard Packaging

2019-12-11 12:12:50

Do you already have a brand identity that’s solid? Have you mapped out everything about your customers? What they like, how they like it? How you can make custom cardboard packaging of yours appealing to them? How the unboxing can enhance their customer experience? If the answer to all this is yes, then it’s time to move on to make your vision become a reality. Yes, you heard us right. You are now just a few steps away from making the perfect packaging for your customers that they can’t keep their eyes away from.

We are going to discuss in this piece all the tangible aspects of your product’s packaging. These are aspects that are quite important. Therefore, you need to consider them deeply and wisely before you finalize any design and placing a ‘HUGE’ order. Got it?

So let’s begin, shall we!

  • Function: Think about your product. Is it perishable or not? Think about this seriously before you make your final decision on your packaging. If the answer is yes to the question asked, then there is a need to include something called an ‘airtight’ component in your product packaging. Or perhaps you can use one of those insulated packaging options, the one like ‘RawCo’ does. They use this style of packaging mainly for raw frozen meals that are for dogs.
  • Durability: You think you have the most beautiful package that can make everything right? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but that’s not true. Sometimes, even when you do have the most appealing and eye-grabbing packaging, it’s not making the right impression on your customers. The reason is, enticing is good, but a damaged package is a big No. So think about your product for a while, how easily it can get damaged and the type of packaging you should consider. If it’s breakable, then there should be elements included in the box that will ensure the product’s safety. It can be the packaging itself or something inside it like a bubble wrap.
  • Shipping Cost: The size of your packaging, its weight, the shape; these are all those factors that will have an impact on the shipping cost of your product. Out of these three, it’s the size that’s going to make the real impact – in other words, it’s the real pest here. That can be a real trouble maker if the cost of shipping is also included in the final price of your product. Therefore, it would be sensible of you to invest in packaging solutions that will actually allow you to save some. How about something like packaging that’s space-effective too. That can help you save some cash.
  • Scalability: So have your orders been small in quantity so far? Or are they a fewer on the larger side? It’s best that in such times, you hand stamp your labels on your packaging. But wait! What if there are 500 custom cardboard boxes packaging you ship every week? Will you still be able to do that? Maybe you might be able to, considering the amount you will be able to save at the end of the week and not having any labels at all might cost you. But then again, you need to be realistic about your scalability here. 500 packages a week may seem doable, but then if its 1500, that’s a lot of boxes I must tell you. It’s not all workable and realistic. Not in the long run. You need to think about it.

Apply these techniques when considering your custom vape cartridge packaging and you will be just fine.

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