Considerations before Buying a Pillow for a Good night Sleep

Considerations before Buying a Pillow for a Good night Sleep

2019-12-11 11:51:33

A good sleep during the night is a great blessing. Ask those people who have insomnia or some anxiety disorder, how sleep deprivation can lead to mental disorders and ruin your life. Research has shown that a regular good night's sleep boosts your productivity and gives you a long healthy life. Therefore, it makes sense to put favorable investment in getting a good bed set and especially the pillow. Choosing a perfect pillow to buy that can give your body and mind the rest it needs is essential.

Whether you are a consumer of a business that retails custom printed pillows wholesale, you will find useful information here that can drastically affect your decisions and their outcome.

Natural and Synthetic Pillow Types

When buying an ideal pillow for your bed you need to keep in mind that there are two basic types of pillows.

  1. Natural Pillows
  2. Synthetic Pillows

Natural Pillows: Natural pillows have a filing that consists of feathers from fouls like ducks and geese that inhabit the regions with harshly cold environments like Scandinavia, Alaska, Canada, Siberia, and Northern areas of Europe.  One main feature of Natural Pillows is that they have firm support.

There is another type of natural pillow that is called "Down Pillows." These types of natural pillows are softer and lighter. They conform very well to the shape of your head and provides firm support. The biggest drawback of natural pillows is that they can easily be inhibited by dust mites. Dust mites are small microscopic insects that can find their way on your bed and pillows. The live off eating dust particles but their mere existence and excretions make them excruciatingly unpleasant and unwanted. Another problem with natural pillows is that if you are suffering from allergies or some typical kinds of skin diseases, the natural pillows are not advisable for you.

Synthetic Pillows: Non-natural or synthetic pillows are produced with synthetic fiber. When they are manufactured they can have different levels of softness and firmness on the scale. Inexpensive or cheap pillows often become deformed. These deformations can manifest themselves in the form of lumps inside the pillow. Paying a few extra bucks to get a high-quality pillow is always rewarding for the long term.

Be Aware of the Firmness

There are generally three sleeping positions that most common unless you are a security guard and sleep on a chair, just joking!

The common position that is found in most people is sleeping on one side. If you are a side sleeper, you need a pillow that is hefty and full enough to decrease the chasm between your upper body and the shoulder. If you do not already have such a pillow. You need to get one because it would make a ton of difference by eliminating any strain on your spine keeping your head in the right position. Ignoring this can develop into sleeping irregularities and problems that may reflect in your life. It may cause a stiff neck or pain in the upper back.

If you sleep on your back, you need a slim and flat pillow because in this position the gap between your neck and the head is very low and you can sleep better.

You need to get a thin pillow if you sleep on your stomach. If you are particular about the firmness of a pillow, look for memory foam pillows that are made for people who are inflicted with back pain or neck pain because they depart ample support to the body parts.

Be Choosy About Your Mattress

Your mattress works in combination with your pillow to support your body while you sleep. If you have a squashy mattress you need a thin pillow for back or side sleepers because the gap between your neck and head with relation to your mattress is less. The softer the mattress the more it will allow your body to sink in it.

Cleanliness of the Pillows

Every pillow that sells in the market is not washable. Some pillows only have their covers washable. However, most pillows are washable by the washing machine, especially in cold settings.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America suggests the frequency of washing natural pillows if you have any allergies to dust mites. If you use natural pillows you need to wash them at least once a month with hot water (130 degrees Fahrenheit) to kill off the bugs.

The pillows should be gotten rid of after every year or after every two consecutive years as recommended by the National Sleep Foundation.

Breathability with Pillows

When you sleep with your pillow and if you feel hot and uncomfortable due to sweat than it is not the situation where you can get a night of good sleep to get fresh for the day of workahead.

The pillow should be able to pass air through itself rather than trap heat that would make you sweat. When buying a pillow be very considerate about the filling of the pillow. If the pillow filling is made of thick and dense material than most probably it's not for you. This problem may be aggravated if you have long hairs. Long hairs or short hairs, you should always look for pillows that will give the breathing space for your neck and head.

Polyester or shredded foams are the best pillows that let air circulate through them. The least breathable pillows are the ones that a made of a single piece of foam.

Pillow packaging boxes are even more beautiful in shape and design than cosmetic packaging boxes in some cases but the functionality of pillows should not be undermined at the same time.

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