Coffee in Kraft boxes- A perfect selling combination

Coffee in Kraft boxes- A perfect selling combination

2020-07-10 08:30:25

In the United States and other European countries the demand of coffee is extremely high and people love to have it in the breakfast. The reason behind is the addiction or love for the taste of coffee that keep people energize for the whole day. Coffee has numerous types and produced in different forms but all of them are packed in pouches and cardboard boxes. Granular and powdered form coffee is then displayed on the retail and grocery store shelves for sale. Coffee lovers want to know the details before buying them from the store and want to read the details form the box or packaging. The printed Kraft Boxes are used for this purpose that protect the coffee and communicate with the customers too.

Advantages of Kraft over other boxes

Reason why manufacturers use Kraft packaging because it is lightweight, strong and do not affect the quality of coffee even if it is direct contact with the box. Also the boxes are customizable and show good printing quality which is an important part of the packaging. You can pack any kind of coffee pouches and jars in these boxes without any risk of damage during display and shipping. For display, you can make boxes in creative designs to showcase coffee with the maximum appeal. It helps in increasing sales and provides chance to modernize the box packaging with attractive printing designs and bright color schemes.

Designs of boxes to use for coffee packaging

Boxes made from Kraft material can also be used to serve coffee to the customers in a coffee bar. They are made with 4 inserts as well as 6 inserts and coffee cups can be placed inside them for delivery. A handle can be customized on top of these boxes that will assist in carrying the box easily. If you want to do advertising and branding, then printing the boxes with logo and company name is a good idea because it will inform customers about your shop and ultimately help in enhancing sales. The other designs of boxes that are used for coffee packaging are as follows.

Seal end box design for retail coffee

The seal end design for boxes is very common for packaging of food products. It prevent the moisture from entering the box and that it is the preferred over the other designs. The box is sealed from top and bottom just like cereal box and have rectangular shape that makes them easy to carry as well. Boxes are made slightly larger than the size of pouch so that customers can get a good feel when they pick a coffee box from the shelve. Furthermore, seal end boxes provide protection, good presentation and good space to print the box in various designs and colors.

Window box to see coffee beans from outside

Coffee beans are packed in Kraft made boxes that have a die cut window on them. It gives a glimpse to the buyer to see the form of coffee before buying. This can influence the buying decision of the customer who is on the edge of making decision for buying your coffee. Also, the need for making the box stylish can also be fulfilled with the use of window boxes as they look fancy due to their unique and catchy structure.

Gable boxes for coffee pouches

Most of the manufacturers pack their coffee in pouches before using Kraft packaging. The reason of this is to provide more protection to the packed coffee and to give an impressive un-boxing experience to the user as well. These pouches are then packed inside gable boxes that are comparatively larger than retail boxes and have a handle on the top as well. It is perfect to pack coffee if you are a new brand and want to promote your item at the store as it has the ability to make product prominent on the shelf. Plus, it has a strong structure that allows the retailer to ship the coffee even to long distances.

When these boxes are printed with the picture in which a cup of coffee is displayed, it crave the customer to grab it from the box. Apart from making coffee more presentable it triggers the chance of increasing sales by convincing customers to buy it. They are made with die cut window that look stylish and different from the other box styles. Plus, they have an auto lock mechanism that provide ease in packaging of coffee pouches.

One amazing advantage of using Kraft material for the making of coffee boxes is that they reduce the overall packaging cost. Kraft is comparatively cheaper than cardboard and rigid but have extraordinary benefits for the manufacturers. These Die Cutting Boxes are recyclable, biodegradable and can be designed in any shape and style according to the requirement. Hence you cannot cost effective packaging solution for coffee other than Kraft stock boxes.

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