Cigarettes and Cigarette Packaging

Cigarettes and Cigarette Packaging

2020-02-03 07:31:47

World is full of differences. There are differences of opinions, colors, creeds, nationalities, areas, cultures, professions, choices and sentiments etc. These differences have made this world full of variety or a colorful place to live in. Just imagine if there had been similarity everywhere, it would have become difficult for us to get relax or to amuse ourselves because we would have become a prey to boredom. Same is the case with packaging and the products requiring packaging, especially with cigarettes and cigarette packaging. Cigarettes and cigarette boxes don’t match each other in qualities. Instead both of these are opposite to each other. This difference has made these irresistible for each other so it has rather become impossible for both of these to exist without each other. And it will look not impossible to you when you will try to understand this enigma. Let’s discuss in a little detail.

Positives and Negatives

Particles with same charge can’t exist together but particles with opposite charges love to live together. Although it is a little scientific statement but we can translate it into social terms as well. If I and you have same qualities then we don’t need each other but if we have opposite traits or abilities then we will rather need each other. If you know to drive while I know the route then we are necessary for each other however if you know route and know to drive as well then you don’t need me at all. If I know mathematics but you have failed in the paper of mathematics and decided to study some other subject instead, you don’t need me at all. However, if you yet have to study mathematics while I need to earn by providing my services to someone then we may help each other. Now if you have understood why positives and negatives require each other then let’s move towards our primary thesis regarding the nature of relation between cigarette cases and cigarettes.

Relation between Cigarette Cases and Cigarettes

Cigarettes make us ill, cigarette cases save us from illness. Cigarettes pollute our body while their custom printed pre-roll box packaging saves our body from smoking contaminated cigarettes. Cigarettes can become more polluted and injurious for health without packaging boxes. Cigarettes are injurious to our bodies but their pre-roll cases protect these from being hurt while transportation or in the pockets of the smokers. Cigarette is a dangerous thing while their pre-roll boxes are designed beautifully in order to save the minds of the smokers from negative effects. Thus the basis of the relation between the two is of problem creator and trouble shooter or risk manager, i.e. cigarettes cause problems while their customized packaging boxes reduces their ability to create bigger problems or enables these to become less damaging. Therefore, we should put maximum efforts to make these custom boxes as better or protective as we can.

Life Expectancy and Cigarette Cases

According to the surveys conducted by the organizations working worldwide in health sector, cigarettes decrease life expectancy so those who love to smoke, actually love to depart from the world soon and they neither care for their responsibilities and aspirations nor for those who belong to them or to whom they declare their loved ones. Surveys tell us that those who are among the average smokers, their life expectancy reduces by 6.8 years, those who are among the heavy smokers, their life expectancy decreases by 8.8 years whereas those who use to smoke cigar or pipe, their life expectancy decreases by 4.7 years. Now just imagine what had happened if such toxic thing would have been available in the markets without protective cases? Therefore, those who produce this toxic thing should try to understand the value or contribution of those who come to them to inform them that they can provide them with cigarette packaging for sale. This packaging saves cigarettes from contamination and thus makes these less toxic.

Ageing and Cigarette Boxes

Of course, there is no comparison between youth and age. If you have grown old, you may become unable to stand on your feet due to weakness. However if you are young you can take long jumps. You can run fast. You can climb the mountains. You can play games. You can fight wars. You can make a world tour. You can eat what you like and as much as you like. You can fight for your rights. You can fight for the rights of your fellow beings. You can dream big and can achieve bigger. But those who smoke can hardly do all of the above mentioned things for as long time as others can because smoking is one of the biggest causes of aging, according to the medical experts. But let’s share something quite contrary to it as well! It is nothing else but custom printed pre-roll boxes that increase the life expectancy of the cigarettes and saves these from aging, i.e. from getting foul soon! Now you may admire these boxes or may scold these. The choice is surely yours. But it is fact that cigarette cases save the product inside from being hurt or damaged. These also save the product inside from getting bad and more dangerous for the health of the smokers who are already playing with their lives and health.

Facial Wrinkles and Cigarette Packaging

No matter you are old or not but you will look old if wrinkles have occupied your face. This will decrease your beauty. If you are a stylish person and love to look beautiful and charming then you will have to bear a serious loss if wrinkles occupied your face. Men in general and women in particular use to be beauty conscious. Therefore both of these should try to avoid wrinkles at least as long as they can. But smoking causes wrinkles as well! Now it’s up to you. You will look as you will act. Stop smoking and look young and handsome for a longer time. Keep smoking and grow older before time. However don’t forget a unique specification of custom pre roll boxes, here too! As makeup enables you to look young even in your old age similarly these pre-roll packaging enables the product inside to remain fresh for a longer time.

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