Cigarette Packaging – It’s All about Making The Most Appropriate Impression

Cigarette Packaging – It’s All about Making The Most Appropriate Impression

2020-02-24 11:16:47

The Importance of Packing Your Products Correctly

As a manufacturer, you need to know the importance and worth of correctly packing a product. Because it all comes down to the kind of impression you will be making with this kind of packaging. Chances are, if you don’t do it right, the impression that you will make will also be not good. This is like taking your business to a dead end. Certainly not something that you need because we don’t need to tell you that you have to put up a strong fight against some really stiff and fierce competition. You need to make your mark, you need to set a strong and firm foot in the market, and you need to survive. All these things you need to make possible. But for that to happen effectively, you have to attract customers to buy your products in the first place. Now simply put, it’s never an easy thing to do. Especially when you know that there are numerous other brands with similar products and you have to make sure they buy yours. But with a bad packaging choice, you are giving them the reason to choose someone else. Can you name any reason why the customers should buy your goods, especially when your packaging is also a big mess? Customers simply don’t see anything amazing or special about your product that they should buy from you only. Since these are some serious concerns, we can only recommend to amp up your Cigarette Packaging. Because it’s actually the packaging that is creating all this mess in the first place. And you have no idea about the fact these packaging choices are the deciding factors for your goods.

From choosing the most appropriate material to making the right style to creating the best design, it all needs to be and more too.

So let’s have a look at all those things the packaging options can do your for business. And what things you need to do in order to make things further right, if you are lacking somewhere. In saying that, we want you to first have a look at all those things that you ought to do for the product packaging that you have that is going to help and assist you in making the best and most favorable impression.

Have you heard of the five-year-old-test?

If yes, then here’s why we mentioned this factor here. This is one of the most important and perhaps classic tests in the marketing techniques. Your packaging needs to ensure it will pass the five-year-old-test. This test implies that your packaging be as simple and clear that even a five year old can understand what the product is inside and what it is meant for. What is the purpose of the product? The packaging should clearly be able to depict that. And a child too needs to be able to detect all that, even if it’s up on the shelves or in their kitchen cabinets.

Let’s think about a famous brand with their most popular product Mr. Clean. This is one of the most iconic, favorite and recognizable figures. Nearly everyone knows about the figure. Now if you ask your five year old to find this product up on the shelves, without any hardship or difficulty, the child will be able to spot it. But do you really think that it’s imperative for us to get into the minds of adolescents? It would have to be a yes! You see, the thing is kids are attracted mainly to visuals. Therefore, you as a brand need to focus on just that. In simpler words, you need a packaging choice that gives the feel of an iconic look.

So here’s what can be done here. You can turn to all those brands or businesses that have the most iconic designs and soak in as much inspiration as you can. But then again, some of you would think it’s probably stealing which is completely wrong. There is no harm in looking at the designs of the world famous brands in the market to get an idea, perhaps inspiration, some innovative and creative techniques. You are just trying to get your brain to work up unique and inspiring ideas that will help you in making the best design for your brand packaging too. You just need to be careful not to steal their ideas or design for that matter. Soak in the design and form some ideas of your own. Be unique and creative in an exciting manner. Adding your own spin will help you in creating a rather refreshing design.

If you have a look at the design of Coca Cola, which is a multinational company worth about $74 billion, you will see despite it being in the industry for nearly 127 years, the brand still knows how to step up the game. It still knows how to compete and still has what it takes to give every known brand a tough time. Ever wondered why? And exactly how the brand has been able to do this for so long? The simplest answer here is packaging. Their product packaging has this unique and creative symphony of some amazing and highly appealing elements of design.

Digging deeper into the design, from the colors to the design, everything is in perfect balance but it builds up excitement too. The color Red has the power to stimulate excitement. The font they have used is simply classic. The design simply fulfills every bit of purpose of a bottle that is beautifully and elegantly shaped. Now looking deeper into the font and you will see they have used white color for it. The color appeals to both the kids as well as adults. But in all that, you need to know that this packaging is simply backed by the product itself along with the high quality standards too. You should know that both factors hold equal importance to a business.

But you also need to know, despite minor changes to their packaging design, Coca Cola has still kept it updated. Because of this very reason, the brand hasn’t lost its touch.

Just try to apply these rules and strategies to your custom packaging and you will see the results for yourself very soon.

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