Cigar Boxes Make Cigars Special

Cigar Boxes Make Cigars Special

2021-01-01 08:25:08

Like variations in any other box, the Cigar Boxes also had plenty of variations. Some of them would be plain, simple, and in rigid form while others would be made fancy, customized, and more in a masculine way. Unlike the other product carriers which are made up of either Kraft paper or cardboard material, these are very much different from those cartons in a vast way. The cigar product carriers are majorly made up of wood. The reason being they are made from the wood is that cigar is mostly used by elderly people. They are the ones who smoke cigars and the reason they smoke cigars is that they believe it to be more masculine than cigarettes. They believe that cigars are the true representation of a man. Moreover, this segment of the market also believes that cigars are meant to be kept with great care. Therefore there product carriers are also designed in a way that protects their cigar from all sorts of harm that could stand in its way. Having said this, these cartons are also brought in the usage of several other products as well. However, the condition for these products is mainly that they should be tall in size so that this product carrier may easily accommodate them.

The luxury boxes and their class

The reason why most of these are expensive is because of the market segment that they are targeting. Unlike another form of smoking which is popular in almost every segment, the cigar is only consumed by a limited segment of a market. Filthy rich or elite class people are the ones who love to consume. And for this market segment, price normally does not matter much to them. They are the ones who are much into showing off their wealth. And having this product carrier with them makes a person look super cool. Since we are living in the digital age, to look cool is the new norm that everyone tends to follow by hook or crook. However, if we generally talk about the worth of these product carriers, then they are worth the price a person is paying for it.

Although its price is affected by different factors, some of them are the age of the carton, the shape, the material that is used, etc. Because of them being so expensive, this product usually falls in the premium category of the market and hence making its product carrier as a vintage product. And the vintage products are usually expensive than normal products.

The impact

If we look closer at the Cigarette Boxes we will get to see the impact they are trying to leave on their consumer minds. That is mostly a message that this thing is harmful to your health. However, the case is different for cigar cartons. Those boxes do not facilitate any type of message on them; rather they believe that the product itself is enough to leave an impact on its consumer. Therefore mostly those product carriers are plain and have little to no customization on them. They are meant to present a premium look and feel of the product that is why their product carriers are also designed in a way that they leave a rich, expensive impact on the consumer.

What are its uses?

Just like any other product carrier, the purpose of cigar cartons is also very similar to that of them. For example, like the other product packaging that provides safety to the product, cigar packaging also provides safety to the product. Moreover, it is not always like cigars are the only premium. They are indeed a premium product but there are classifications in it being premium that differ a cigar from other brands. For example, some of these product carriers are made up of material that does not convey a premium feel effective while some of them are made from the material that provides a vintage sort of look. We are of the mindset that anything that is vintage must be expensive and anything expensive must be good. The same happens with cigars too. Companies use such things so that they can create a unique set of positioning in a consumer’s mind. This thing also helps a brand to enhance its branding.

Customization facility

Now, in this modern world, everybody is in a race to look cool. Young-adults of age 30-40 bring in the usage of cigars in their life so that they may look cool and bossy in business parties and meetings. For such people, the cigar companies use different types of customization on their cartons. For example, Hawaii is a famous destination for vacations. So the brands would put on such things on their product outlook to look that they promote the party culture and that the cigar is a compatible and a perfect fit for the younger adults.

To cater to these people, the cigar companies alongside the customization bring in the usage of Pre Roll Boxes. These are some of the cheapest yet coolest forms of the boxes that a boy would love to have. So by incorporating these cartons in their business model, the companies get to enjoy the revenue generation from all segments of the market. Although the cigars that are given in these cartons are also inexpensive yet they are made expensive enough so that no one from the lower-income groups of the social class may be able to purchase them.

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