Choosing an Ideal Designer for Your Custom Packaging Boxes

Choosing an Ideal Designer for Your Custom Packaging Boxes

2019-12-11 12:01:46

Among the many ways to move ahead with your preferred custom packaging designer, there are two most common that you can give a try and see how things go for you.

What are these ways, let’s find out:

Do It Yourself (DIY)

The first common option to look into is trying to do things on your own. It’s especially great if you have the knack for design, you are creative and innovative, and you have been designing for some time now. But if you do not have any designing experience, it’s best not to get tempted by any such thing. It’s ideal not to take any risk and trying to put in the efforts in hopes of keeping your budget low. That will never help. You should only try things yourself when you have the right experience and set of designing skills.

If you ask us, we would definitely not recommend any such thing because it’s a risky decision and if you fail with your design, you fail your product ultimately with your designed custom box design.

Your design for the packaging is highly important. You need to understand that. Because the success of your business is hanging on the design. Therefore, it’s not the best place to cut any corners if you are not skilled or experience.

Hiring a Designer

The next best option is hiring a designer, an expert, who can manage the entire designing process for you and your business.

There are two ideal ways of doing that. Either hiring a Freelance Designer for the job or you can initiate a contest.

Now here’s what you need to do with these two different options. If you wish to work with a freelancer directly, then you will definitely need someone with a good amount of experience in the field of product packaging design. It would be even better if they had prior experience in the relevant industry. However, if you choose the latter option, like launching a contest, you need to write and put up a single brief and let designers from across the globe send in their amazing and unique ideas to you. You need to post your brief at different Freelancing websites. That’s one way to start up everything.

Start Designing!

Great news! You have finally got your designer onboard with you. Now comes the exciting part, the designing part. Woohoo!

Reviewing the brand style design with the designer you hired, now it’s time you give them your opinion on what you are thinking. Tell them exactly what you are looking for. Ask them that they create a mockup for you. Because this way, you will have something to look at, a concrete piece of packaging on the basis of which you can decide if the design is not good for your product or not.

Now that the mockup is out of the way, and you know what the final end product will look like, you can now evaluate it with your product. See if it goes well with your product. Check closely if the design is a good fit or not for your product.

Now here’s what you need to ask yourself while you are evaluating the mockup design:

  • Is the design appealing enough to grab the attention of my ideal customers?
  • Does it reflect clearly about the product that’s packed inside? Will customers know about the product as they set eyes on the design?
  • Is the packaging easy to use or does it seem accessible enough?
  • Is this strong and attractive enough to give the competitors a hard time?
  • Is it going to be a standout against your competition?
  • How will the design look in 3D?
  • Will the design have the same amount of credibility and relevance 5 years from now as it might have today?

Now the design is finalized. Your designer has also created a packaging dieline. Now send this file to your printer. What you will need here is;

  • A vector file that contains your packaging dielines for every product in your list.
  • CMKY or Pantone color codes.

Now you have those files too, it’s time to send the Kraft boxes wholesale design to the printer. It will print up your packaging design and you are all set to send your products out into the world.

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