Cardboard Display Boxes - Detailed Guide to Stand Out

Cardboard Display Boxes - Detailed Guide to Stand Out

2021-02-02 07:29:11

Cardboard is one of the most common materials used in the packaging industry. They have several purposes, not just packaging, but also transporting goods safely. You can easily customize cardboard cartons. That’s the main reason why they’re a popular choice among businesses for packing. Cardboard material can be drawn into multiple designs and one of them is the display design.

Highly customizable cardboard display boxes

The best part about displays is that they can be customized easily and you can add any feature or design to the Cardboard Display Boxes to make them stand out. In order to understand to how to customize these packages in the best way, you need to understand how cardboard, the material used for such boxes is made. It’s made of wood pulp, which makes it strong to hold heavy objects. It’s very resistant when it comes to fold ability, rigidity, and resistance. This is the reason why they’re so popular in the packaging industry.

Increase product worth

If you’re planning to save money on the display packaging for your product, and spend more on the quality of the product, instead of the packaging, then you’re on the wrong track! That/s the mistake most businesses make. They don’t understand the importance of display packages.

There’s more to displays than just keeping items inside of them. Various businesses use them for their products such as soaps, cosmetics, or even something edible, such as a snack. You might have seen lollipops placed in display packages in the supermarket you go to.

The good thing about display cartons is that they’re very sturdy, which means they are perfect house large objects. They’re also an amazing way to launch new products since they play a major role in the promotion and marketing of a product.

Make product stand out with pillow cardboard boxes

As discussed earlier, the best part about cardboard is that it can be designed to fit your needs. For example, you can make Pillow Cardboard Boxes, with an innovative shape, and design to attract your customers. Here are a few features you need to consider to make your packaging look unique and innovative:

1.    Using the Right Printing Technique

The feature that’s going to matter most when it comes to an attractive outlook for your product is the printing technique you use. A few of the popular printing techniques for cardboard are listed below:

•    Digital Printing
With this technique, an image can be printed directly to the medium. It’s a very professional printing technique. You don’t require a plate like you do with off-set printing. Instead, it’s just an ink-based method.

•    Off-set printing
Off-set printing is the opposite of digital printing. In addition to this, it’s the most used printing technique out of all the popular ones. This is because it is more reliable and also cheaper, compared to the rest. With offset printing, your image is transferred to the printing area using thin metal plates.

•    Flexography printing
With flexography printing, a flexible relief plate is utilized. By using flexible rubber with printing plates, the ink is subtracted. This process is complete once the ink dries by evaporation.

•    CMYK printing
CMYK stands for four colors which are: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. For CMYK printing, cylinders are filled with these four colors. Next, they’re distributed to the medium. At one time, one cylinder is going to have only one color.

•    PMS printing
PMS printing, or Pantone matching system, doesn’t require the use of a specific type of printer. Every single time, the colors remain the same. This makes it very useful for print job to job or even printer to printer.

•    HEX or RGB Printing
This is the most unique one out of all. It’s the onscreen process of printing. RGB refers to three colors: red, green, and blue. On the other hand, HEX means Hexadecimal, which is a short code of RGB color. In addition to this, it comprises of six-digit numbers or letters.

2.    The type of add-ons you use

Your displays are going to get a unique, and appealing look through Add-ons, for example:

•    Embossing
This process involves the customization of a raised relief image. You’re going to see it most often with custom cardboard containers with logo. The reason behind this is that it helps enhance your logo with the help of sunken designs.

•    Debossing
By debossing you can create recessed images on your cartons. The area that is to be debosses is filled with foiling paper. The amount of foiling paper used depends on what the customer demands.

•    Foiling Paper
With this technique, a metallic thin film is pressed on your boxes. This is done by using die cuts. The best part is, you can choose the type of paper to use, for example you could use gold, silver, green, etc.

•    Custom PVC window cut
PVC windows give the effect of cuts joined together which form the window’s shape. Precision die is forced into PVC, to create this window.

3.    The type of coating you use

Another important feature that helps give your displays a complete, and neat finish is the type of coating you use.

Coatings include:

  • Gloss: a shiny effect applied to packages
  • Matte: a smooth but chalky appearance is given to packages
  • Satin: soft, but shiny outlook
  • Spot UV: done on a specific area. It gives an ultra-violet coating

4.    A unique design

There is a range of designs you could choose from, for your display packages. For example, instead of a typical rectangular box for display packaging, you could use one with partitions inside. Another option is to use one with cavities inside of it. This is going to prevent your product from falling out of the box. A box with cavities is very useful for products such as mascaras, pens, etc.

Pre roll counter boxes- A perfect cardboard display example

The pre rolls are one of the widely used tobacco items and you can find it in different tobacco and retail stores. The special Pre Roll Counter Boxes are made in counter top styles that are placed on the counters to be prominent on the store.

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