Cannabis and Cigarette Boxes Latest Design Trends

Cannabis and Cigarette Boxes Latest Design Trends

2020-07-22 12:09:42

In the tobacco industry, things have changed after the legalization of cannabis infused products in multiple states of United States. Many manufacturers have turned their attention to produce different types of cannabis cigarettes apart from making simple tobacco cigarettes. The competition is at its peak among the manufacturers because of the high demand. Every company wants to look better and unique from the competitor this is why they use specially designed Cigarette Boxes to reflect the high quality of their cannabis infused items. They use printed boxes that can portray a good repute of the company and also use special design on them to be different from competitors. This makes it easy for them to communicate with targeted customers and can work for them better than a salesman. The type of cannabis items that are packed in cardboard boxes are as follows.

CBD edibles in tuck end box design

There are a number of edibles that are made from CBD, which is cannabis infused herbal ingredient that has many health benefits. Chocolates, brownies, cookies and many other edibles are specially made with CBD so people can have the healthy ingredient easily. As these items are very common, adding CBD into them can result in easily intake for the consumers who have certain health problems. These edibles are packed inside tuck end boxes which can be opened from top and bottom and have reverse tuck end closures. It helps in protecting the edibles from getting contaminated by protecting the moisture from entering.

E-liquids in display boxes

The liquid used in the vaporizers instead of tobacco works as an alternate to nicotine. It is called e-liquid and made in various flavors and tastes. People use vape to quit smoking and to get rid of nicotine cigarettes. These e-liquid bottles are displayed in front of customer at the tobacco store in cardboard packaging boxes made in special design which help in showcasing the dropper bottles. These e-liquid droppers are displayed in larger quantity in the display boxes which has the capacity to accommodate 20 to 25 bottles at a time. The unique design of displays captures the attention of customers and influences their buying decision. Small liquid bottles in display boxes become noticeable for the customer entering the shop as increases sales.

Without cardboard displays it is very difficult to highlight the presence of small products. Even the boxes are used for keeping multiple cigarette packs which make them prominent in the retail shelves and tobacco stores. They can be printed with the brand name, logo and all the details for easy of smokers. They are made in different styles including floor displays style, counter top and peg hook style. All of these types have their own advantage and benefits for different products; this is the reason why they are suitable for all kinds of small items including cannabis tinctures, vape pods and cartridges.

Cannabis subscription packaging design

There are number of items that are made from cannabis and packed for subscription packaging. Packed in the form of package, these cannabis products are then shipped to the customers in large mailer boxes which are protective and easy to handle. They have ear locks which keep the products safe and prevent from slipping out of box during shipment. Stylish presentation of boxes is also important because you want your customer to feel good about your company and brand. You can customize these boxes with catchy colors and printing so that they can look eye-catching and impose a good image of your product on the customers.

After the increase in demand and usage of cannabis products, people now take these products as a gift for their loved ones. The boxes for subscriptions can be used for gift giving purpose because they have multiple items and have a large design. They are attractive and look amazing when presented as gift to the special ones and patients. Various styles and shapes of these boxes can be customized in order to get maximum advantage. You can keep these boxes in your gift shop if you have one and can increase their sales quickly.

Vape starter kits in two piece boxes

The use of two piece boxes is not limited to the packaging of clothing items; it is used for vape kits also. Spacious base of the two piece box allowed the manufacturer to place multiple items in the folding carton. It includes cartridges, pods, and other accessories of vape in the box and keeps them secure. They are used for display, storage and shipping and are a wonderful carrier for keeping all the products organized in beautiful manner. Plus, they have inserts and cavities that look stylish and can surprise the user with its beautiful presentation.

All the boxes designs mentioned above are made using cardboard material because they are highly customizable and manufacturers can take many other advantages from it. They can promote the brand by printing the catchy taglines to convince customers. The addition of add-ons like die cut window, lamination, coating and foiling can all make the boxes look extraordinary. You can also make eco-friendly boxes using cardboard stock and get multiple benefits from it. Cardboard Boxes can multiply the product charm by giving it a catchy presentation at the tobacco store. Plus, the protection of the product is guaranteed. Therefore, it is a perfect carrier for all the tobacco items.

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