Candle Packaging Boxes – Identifying the Best in the Lot

Candle Packaging Boxes – Identifying the Best in the Lot

2019-12-11 12:06:56

How to Pack a Candle and Give Away?

Ever wondered the reasons the make you think candles be the best gifts to give? Well, if you were a candle lover like myself and were into understanding the facts of all the ways it can serve us, you would know how I feel about them being the best items to gift. But to make you understand the same, I have lined up this article. I start by telling you that the candle packaging boxes are the main feature here. If this is done to the absolute best with the most superior quality material used for packing, then it can be considered one of those ideal gifts that will be remembered for a long time, and that too because of the outlook. But since there are different types of candles in different shapes and colors, the packaging also needs to be the same complementing the product in the best way possible.

So let’s find out all the different packaging styles which will look the best for your candles to make them look appealing and amazing.

Candle Boxes Selection: Before we jump into the whole best candle boxes factor, we first need to know the actual purpose of the packaging and why its necessary. Selling a single candle without any accessories may not require a box but when it comes to a complete set, you will be in need of packaging. To make these packaging appealing and interesting, you can write notes or wishes on the box. But make sure that the material you choose for the packaging is sturdy enough to hold them secure. In saying that, when you are giving away just one candle doesn’t mean it doesn’t require any packaging at all. You still need to use packaging, but make it small enough to fit only one candle. Rest, same rules apply.

When it comes to availability of these boxes, you can find them at any printing company or a packaging agency. However, there are many of you with a creative knack and they mainly try to make things on their own. If you are one of those, let me assist you in making one on your terms. You only need to look at some basics for the packaging:

  • A sturdy cardboard material will be able to handle pressure easily
  • You will need a cardboard material that can easily be cut into different shapes and the edges will remain fine and smooth
  • You will need a material that will have the finest finish when it comes to printing and appeal
  • You need to have a packaging that has different re-opening tabs
  • The packaging needs to be enough spacious that the candles inside are not damaged

If you come across a company offering luxury candle boxes wholesale that has all these characteristics, then you can easily place the order. However, if you have faith in your abilities and believe creating one on your own won’t be a stretch, then keep in mind the following:

Personalized Candles with Personalized Boxes

Any person who adores candles will be quite touchy when it comes its fragrances and scents. Therefore, when such a problem comes into play, the best thing you can do is create a candle on your own. To begin with, take a jar or a ramekin of a size or shape you want the candle to be in, and pour melted wax within these along with a thread. Adding a color of your choice and scent is also an option.

If you are thinking of a scented candles, then when you melt the wax, mix the fragrance of your choice and then pour into the jar or ramekin. Once the wax dries completely, you can take the candle out of the container. You can also leave the candle in the jar if you like. That will also look classy and elegant. Its entirely your choice.

You can also add some wishes or personalized notes in the jar before you pour the hot wax. This will give the candle a more personal and homey feel. Similarly, the notes can be according to the latest upcoming events too. For instance, you wish to gift your friend a candle for the wedding. Writing a special congratulatory note with best wishes will make the candle specific to that event and pour out your emotions and love in the best possible way. If you have left the candle within the ramekin or jar, or any container for that matter, placing pretty laces and ribbons is also a great way to make it elegant.

Being a candle manufacturer at a large scale means you having your packaging created from a professional company. You can ask them to customize and personalize the packaging according to your needs and preferences. At the same time, they need to create packaging that will appeal to the audience in a certain way. They need to get the feeling that this candle is the perfect gift they can give to their loved ones or friends.

Creating custom packaging according to occasions is one way to make it personalized. But to give a more personal touch, you should include handwritten notes. You can also make the customers feel special by addressing them in a certain way. Adding blessed wishes and happy times will make them feel loved and wanted. And the person who receives it will also feel the same. Therefore you need to make sure your candle packaging has all these elements and features to make it the most amazing gift anyone can ever give someone. Be sure to use high quality packaging to make a simple product like a candle have the outlook of the most special item ever.

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