Candle Making from Melted Wax to Packaging

Candle Making from Melted Wax to Packaging

2019-12-11 08:39:48

If you are a hobbyist who adores candles and relishes making them or if you are more on the entrepreneurial side and want to start your home candle making business then read on.

Candles have been around for millenniums and it is ridiculously simple to make them. Later on, when you scale candle making up to mechanical automation, the thing will get complicated. You can hire professionals and make teams to take your business to the next level.

In the following here is the simplest way to make jar soy candles right at your home.

You need the following objects

  • Soy wax for candle making double the weight of the size of the jar
  • A candlewick or a few of them
  • One small bottle of fragrance oil with the aroma of your choice
  • One small size spatula, if you don't have a spatula, a tablespoon would do
  • A heatproof jar
  • A boiling pot
  • One regular thermometer
  • A pair of Chinese chopsticks, pencils, pens or similar objects
  • A wax paper, towel or a disposable newspaper
  • Custom boxes if you want to sell them as a business

Step#1: Melt the Soy Wax

Add the above-described soy wax in the boiling pot and allow it to melt for 10 to 15 minutes with some stirring. When the soy wax melts down, go to the next step.

Step#2: Add the Fragrance Oils to the Melted Soy Wax

You can buy fragrance oils for soy candles right off the Internet if it is not available in your local stores. You can blend different fragrances and make your aroma or you can try any from the following list or any other oil that you may like, there are unlimited options. Just a few are mentioned here.

  • Apple Harvest
  • Coffee
  • Orange Chili Pepper
  • Peach Nectar

You just need to add a few drops to the melted soy wax. Follow the instructions that come with the fragrance oil even if you want to add your touch. Don’t put too little because it will be unnoticeable. Don’t add too much because that will cause headaches.

Step#3: Glue You Wick to the Jar Bottom

You can use a good adhesive or a super glue to stick the candle wick to the bottom of the jar. Let the wax become cooled down for five minutes, making sure that it remains in a melted consistency as you note the temperature with the thermometer.

Step#4: Pour the Soy Wax in the Jar

When the temperature of the melted soy wax reaches 140 degrees, you are good to pour. Hold the wick in your hand and slowly pour the wax in the jar. Beware that you do not have to pull the wick too much because it might detach from the bottom. Just apply enough tension on the wick to keep it straight. Leave some of the upper ends of the jar with the wax.

Step#5: Set the Wick

To prevent the wick from swaying sideways. Lay the pair of chopsticks, two pencils or pens on the upper edge of the jar with the wick sandwiched between them keeping it centered in the melted wax. This works well but you can figure out other ways to hold the wick upright in the melted wax if you want.

When the wax sets in and solidifies which is now the Candle jar. Melt the remaining wax and pour in the remaining wax making sure that the wick doesn’t disappear in the wax.

Step#6: Cut off the Excess Wick

Your wick should stand half an inch above the candle wax surface in the jar and the rest of it should be cut with a pair of scissors.

Your jar fragrant candle is ready. It is super easy to make but it can make you a lot of money if you bring it into production especially at places where you can find cheap labor like India and China. In this case, you will be needing candle boxes to pack and brand your jar candles and supply them into the market.

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